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New textures!

13 Jul

New! I put three new sets in the dollhouse. All three are alpha sets, yay! Using brushes by punksafetypin and Jupiter.

Also I’m preparing a prize for the upcoming august hunt “Summer Doesn’t End” that I’ll be participating in. I’ll have more info about that in the next few days I am sure. It starts August 1st! The theme is a fun one, there’s two ways I can go with it.. so still debating exactly what to do for my prize I’ll give out.

Going to work on the TextureMania hunt (as a hunter) this week too. There’s a prize for that hunt to find in my dollhouse too, if you haven’t been yet. I have not had time or energy yet to hunt, maybe tonight a little. There’s still also the Gone Fishin’ hunt, so grab a 7seas rod and go fishing for the prize. No bait needed.

P.S. Don’t poop in my pool, that means YOU!

The last few days have been very difficult in RL, today is.. not so bad surprisingly. I am holding up pretty okay I think for now. Keeping busy getting the house ready for family to visit soon, and finishing up some embroidery projects.

I keep trying to find a way to incorporate my RL crafts into some SL textures, but eh.. instead what I end up with is saying “ooo this brush/font/pattern would be so cute if I print it out and embroider it to hang on the wall!” So I never make any progress to figuring out how I’d bring some embroidery in-grid. I think I need to practice my path usage in GIMP, use the stitch brush I have and just create some virtual embroidery for you guys to use. That will be fun, I think.

Another p.s. Thank you to everyone who’s been so full of kindness the last few days (well, you guys are always nice, but this past week.. it has been so helpful) <3 <3 <3


Tiny Swagtastic Weekend!

9 Jul

This post has several things going on.

First: Tiny Swagtastic Weekends! They held it last week but I was out of town, so this is my first week (and 2nd week of Swagtastics) so how exciting. All the participating Tiny merchants are putting an item marked down to 50 $L for the weekend. Wait wait.. keep reading.

I know most of you see “Tiny? Pfft” cause you’re all human and stuff. Wait though. I dunno what is available from the others yet, but mine is textures. So this week you’ll be able to get a set of textures marked down from 75 to 50 $L. So come shop, I’ll have it set by 8pm SL tonight. It runs all weekend till late Sunday night.

I know which textures already, it’s set up on the 2nd floor of the dollhouse on the little table. You can join the group by clicking the sign under the table too btw. Groupless group! Then you’ll get the updated list so you can check all the shops involved. You can also see which textures I plan to offer starting tonight too.

Next up: Lack of adventures. Last week with vacation, and this week my husband managed a couple more days off. Yay! Our original plan was to go be tourists in a neighboring town haha but instead, we’re doing a couple home repair projects. I am sooooooo excited about them too. I’ll tell you later Valla, it’s great and I built something woohoo. P.S. My rhubarb must of been a dud, nothing’s happening. I’ll try again next year yay! I keep meaning to tell you but I always forget.

Last thing for now: Do not forget, I am in two treasure hunts. One you need to fish the prize up using 7seas rod (no bait needed) and the other you’ll need to hunt around my shop for. You’re looking for a smiley face w/ a paintbrush.

Bunnies and Strawberries!

28 Jun

Today starts the Oz Strawberry Festival! There’s a hunt at Magic of Oz (the Ozimals people) and it goes from today to July 11th! Yippie! Not only that, nests you kindle could possibly be the Strawberry Elite. So if you do NOT want a bunny to maybe be a Strawberry bunny… don’t kindle it until the 12th I suppose.

Candy said in chat that it is the same bunny under the elite coat, and it’ll breed like it should. Earlier someone explained that two strawberry bunnies will not make a strawberry baby, but rather whatever is under the strawberry outfit will come out as genetics in the bunnehpie. Make sense?

I had planned to hold two nests (a sibling pair) but now that I know the bunny underneath comes out, I’ll just go ahead and bake ’em up later! I currently have one going now, no relation to any in my family. I wrote down parent names just in case I ever see another bunny with the same parents! Plus when Chewy and Nomalina get a good sleep in, I’ll hopefully get a new bunnehpie from them too to bake up! :)

Nomnom strawberry bunnehpie! I mean no!! *holds up a paw and monotones* Bunnies are not for noms.

Boots and Catten are a bad influence on me. heehee. Blaming them is fun! I will do this more often! <3 hehehe

So I named the bunnies that were rezzed already and slowly aging up this past week.

I have a bunch in hibernation in inventory, I know they lose a gen but I just can't keep them all rezzed up. I just don't know about taking the risk to sell them, I'd hate to get stuck having to feed 'em each month and not getting rid of them. They're free in my inventory haha. Plenty of waffles and catfood in there to eat anyway, they'll adapt.

I named one Holland Lop – White as "Dandruff" and picked her up, since she hasn't a mate at this time. I'll rez and bring her out of the hybernation I am sure she'll be in, once I find a match. I can't have all mah bunnies out. No room hehe! She looks very similar to Flake of Snow.

I named another Holland Lop – White (amethyst eyes) "Flake of Snow", she's cute. She's to be paired later with the male Havana Broken Blue (amethyst eyes) named Sir Danger Pants. Not siblings.

Then there's Harlequin Fawn Magpie named Buzz, he'll be paired with his sister who's an English Spot Tortoiseshell named Skidmark. Skidmark heehee… check out her back and tell me if I'm right? I know I'm right! hehe These two are children of Chewy and Nomalina.

Rezzed also is an English Spot Opal radiant named Teapot, she was hard to name. Almost called her Piddles haha. I'll pair her with a Holland Lop White radiant named Mr. Christmas. Not siblings, but so very cute <3 I can't wait to breed their children together!

The holland lop whites all had family trees that listed mother/father (but nothing further), but unfortunately the notecards were named the same and by the time I got back (and stupidly didn't write down parent names from the nest) I can't tell which notecard went with what bunny. I hope that when the new Ozimals site that will track bunny lineage goes up, it back-dates to all that exist in world. I also hope it's free to use the site hehe!

I have started full records on the bunnies I have now, noting where they came from lucky chair, purchased, writing down parent names on the nest. If I keep track now, it'll be easy to keep it up with every bunny from today forward. I don't have info for many though, and I took a guess as to which bunnies went with what notecard. I am pretty sure the amethyst parents went with my amethyst bunny, but like I said.. hopefully the lineage backdates on the new site when it's ready!

Hopefully later tonight the crowd will be thinner and I can go hunt around in the Oz hunt yay! If not, I have until the 11th so I can do it after vacation.

Not only that the day just gets better, I got my exercise done, laundry's done, last night I couldn't sleep so I worked on textures.. I'll look them over because I cannot remember what they look like.. hopefully medicated texture making doesn't result in total crap. I vaguely remember making the ad images for them too haha. So if they don't stink, I'll have some 4th of July themed textures later today :)

Added new textures :)

17 Jun

Three new small boxed sets. They’re on the back wall. Dots in blue, purple, and green yay!

Lorimae’s Catbox on Morning Shire

Busy day in SL!

8 Jun

I am pooped. Like I mean, RL tired from it all haha!

I worked on some sculpting, making myself a new bed! My old bed is sorta cruddy, but I am still proud of it as it was my first sculpted furniture! Now it’s time to put my recently learned skills to use and create something better, something big enough that Teddy won’t kick me out in the night ugh. I sleeps on the floor a lot!! About half done with that.

Then I wrote up a quick article for Chaffro, for the Shire Times. I’ve also been thinking about what can I write as a regular article for the Times. Without writers what’s the Times to do? It’s kind of silly to expect Chaffypants to do ALL the work. One person can’t do it! Well, he is pretty awesome and I am sure he could do it, but he shouldn’t have to. That’s the real point, he shouldn’t be all alone in this fun project.

So my first thing I worked on was some haiku for the paper! I have three written and done up on 512×512 to upload. I also worked on a store ad to put into it too. Then I have a two page spread of a recipe. It’s a standard internet recipe, but it’s one I truly love and make on occasion, even though I probably shouldn’t eat them at all haha!

I think that will be some of my contribution each time, poetry and a recipe. Something easy to fix up, but something nomalicious every time! I’d also like to contribute something else, but I don’t know what yet. I thought about maybe some short creative stories about Teddy. It’ll be fun! They can continue each time with yet another adventure, complete with pictures! Gotta run that by Chaffypants. :)

Then I worked out at Skidz on my land renovation project, it’s coming along nicely. Just a little bit more to do before I can pick up the current layout and drop the new one. I’m going all Silent Film style (black and white hehehe) I can’t quite figure out how to make it clear I am thinking “silent film” but.. eh.. you guys know me, it’ll probably not stay black and white for long before I recolor it haha.

I also put the textures into vendors so you can purchase them as singles too. Each vendor holds the textures from the corresponding boxed version. If it is missing a texture, let me know! I think I got them all sorted.

Dude, it lags my adventures up!

6 Jun

Oh man, it is bad today in SL!

I worked on some textures today, but with the lag I am afraid to risk uploading tonight. Bleh! I am planning a shop renovation soon too. I had planned to work on it some but it’s just too laggy for building no matter what sim I am at. I have seen something in a few texture shops now where they use a vendor rather than a box. You can purchase the textures single, choosing only what you want.

So my plan is to implement this in my shop. Each set would instead be in a vendor, you can scroll through and then buy the colors you want and skip the ones that make you gag haha! With the vendor I am using from KinEx, you can also click “TILE” and you can see it 2×2, click it again and it goes to standard 1×1. It lets you see just how it will repeat! :) You can also be sure whether or not something is seamless.

There’s been SO many times I am at a texture shop and I want maybe a lace texture from a set of 20, or a cute kitty themed texture that’s in a set of animals or something. I can’t just buy the one I want, I’d have to pay up for the entire box so instead I just skip it.

Right now I think there’s three KinEx vendors up, there’s more than one texture set in each of them. After I renovate, each vendor will be one set, I think. We’ll see. The vendor is only one prim, so it’s no different than if it was boxed. Just that if you want the whole set, you’ll need to pay, scroll, pay, scroll, pay (and so on)

Know what I mean, vern? hehehehe


3 Jun

Today I’m working on textures. I am finding that this new GIMP release loads a lot slower than the previous version. It’s not excessively slow to load though, just something I’ve noticed. It crashes less though, so I am really happy about that! I’ve only had one crash this past week and I don’t think that was GIMP so much as just my PC was in need of a reboot. Repeated SL crashes that afternoon made things run badly hehe

I’ve got a set created this afternoon. You’ll have to wait till July to see it though! *points and laughs at you* hehehe It is for the TextureMania hunt. Yippie! I am going to be semi-afk for a few days around July 4th I think, but I’ll get my hunt stuff set up and get a few people to test it for me before I go. I’ll have e-mails, and if I absolutely need to.. I can always install SL on my in law’s PC. I haven’t managed to convince my father in law that SL would be a great use of his time haha, but I do send him snapshots sometimes of fun things I’ve built or of my avatar. He’s all like.. oh how neat (in a way that you know he’s all probably like “what the heck is this crap?”) haha He’d be a good tiny, I think. He is funny! My mother in law is too busy to do SL right now, but when she retires eventually.. she’s said she’ll give it a try :)

I’m also going to create another set in preparation for when the next Gone Fishin’ hunt is. I don’t know when that is, no info’s been released but I want to be prepared so that I don’t have to rush around at the last minute to come up with a cute idea. I haven’t fully decided what design, but I have some ideas I’ve been working out in my head the last two weeks.

I think I also have another set that I haven’t uploaded/boxed yet. That’ll go up in Morning Shire whenever I get around to it. I need to check my inventory and my texture folder on my PC hehe.

Crap in my inventory!

22 May

I’m sorting stuff into TMaT some tonight and decided I’d do a search for “Object”

Hah! Treasures! My oldest prim named object was from January 2008. I remember that class too, I forget the teacher’s name but she taught us to make some puffy vest type jackets with hoods. This object was one of the puffy bits. I don’t remember where the class was held though. I’ll see if I can find the finished thing and get a photo of me in it.

Lots of random prims that were lost off world and ended up in my Lost & Found. A few random prims stuck together, unsure what projects. I found one that resembles a snowshovel, another that is either the start of a tree or a snowman.

For some reason I have quite a few 10×10 black cubes. I do not remember what project would need those.

Oh haha, found a seriously chunky bracelet from a February 2008 class I took. I remember that one too because the teacher went SUPER fast after having calmly explained this was meant for brand new builders, don’t worry, she’ll go real slow. Then she went soooo fast. I don’t say that cause I was lacking some skill, I mean seriously.. at the end I remember she said “Wow, we got through this fast!” Something like 17 minutes start to finish instead of an hour haha.

I didn’t take any more of her classes, I forget her name now. I just know if she was the teacher, I didn’t go!

Between sorting through some old hunt prizes, getting rid of all “objects” after checking them (and renaming the good stuff), putting something like 500 textures into TMat.. I think that’s a good night’s work!

Texture Vendor questions, please help

14 May

Does this exist with the features I want?

I want to sell textures, unboxed, as singles. I don’t mind if the whole vendor has to be the same price for each texture. If I want to vary the price, I’ll just rez another vendor :)

I also want it so that in my transaction history it will tell me what texture sold, not just that the vendor named “blahblah” sold something. That’s the big one there.

It also must have a watermark to prevent super easy snapshot theft.

I’ve played with a tester vendor using this script, but when I pay it.. it just tells me the vendor object name sold something, but didn’t tell me what one exactly. How do I make that vendor relay the sold item name in transaction history?

Trying to find texture vendors is tough, I suspect many are using this same script I played with.

Sculpting today!

3 May

Today I’m going to try to finish up the sculpting I need for Raglan U as well as finish the gears needed for my husband’s new house. He’s not very active, but lately he’s starting to show some interest in SL. We explored a couple steampunk sims. How fun! He likes the steampunk stuff as much as me!

So far I have two gears, finishing up a third now. Then I’ll get started on the furniture I want to put in the university! I am super excited about the Raglan U projects. I’ve got almost all my notecards finished, the building is just about ready too. I need to plant a few flowers. Thanks to Tvera’s texture shop, I have plenty of lovely alpha flowers to choose from that I’ve won on her MM board <3

SLURL: Tvera’s Shop

Check at the door as you are going in, see my graffiti?! It says “Lorimae Nommed Here” :) I don’t know if she’s still running the Alpha Scribble Project but if she is.. there’ll be a semi-transparent box near the entrance to click about it! Plus she has sweet textures and a gallery above too!

Fair warning, if today I am slow to respond .. er.. slower than usual.. I apologize <3 Unfortunately today is another very medicated day to combat RL pain. I am not sure how often I will be AFK or how observant I will be to even realize I have IM's or friends who've logged on. I <3 you guys still, I'm just very much not with it the last 48 hours or so.