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ImpEle pose sale

7 Jul

Packs are 10 or 50 L while she renovates, only lasts a few days so if you’re too slow and it’s over.. then.. that means you’re too slow.  Runs until July 12th.


I got a couple of the 10L packs, papparatzi and the jewelry model set, hopefully will come in handy when I quit slacking and texture up some bracelets to box up.


I saw things…

13 Jul


While looking for toilet paper throwers for Johnathon… I saw things.

I dunno what kind of person it makes me, but I totally laughed when I saw some of the gross toilet builds on SLExchange.  I gagged a lil’ too actually.  The one was so…. ewww!!!  hehehe….

But my mission fails! I cannot find a toilet paper thrower for use against camp counselors.  Come on guys, someone’s surely made one! :)  Lemme know if you know where one is please either one that’s in-world as transferable (since he’s at camp, I’d have to pick it up and mail a care package in) or on the online shopping sites!
Help a camper! :)

Next camp session I think I’ll sign up.  I didn’t this round since it’d cut into my student teacher phase.  I mean really, how wrong would that be to say “Oh sorry I just became a student teacher but I’ll be on but unavailable for 2 weeks!”  If I was a full teacher, I’d not of thought anything of it, just arranged my time away with the right people :)

Emma is there too!  (She’s a teacher at TUi!)  Yay!  Don’t forget, Emma…. you has a mission! >=)  mwahaha….

Btw, I have had the hiccups for an hour now, I’m starting to get real grouchy.

Shop updates, new items

25 Jun

New stuff for tinies, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

URL: My OnRez Shop

SLURL:  My Shop in SL

Tonight I’m releasing my Purple floral wreaths and new purple dresses!

Wreaths come separately for 24 $L
Wreaths as a Trio Color Set (all 3 purple together) for 60 $L
Wreath/Dress matching color combo sets for 55 $L

The prices my change, I’m not very good at pricing what I build. Let me know what you think, if they’re too high.. too low.. just right?

There’s also a new 1 $L dress sitting in the pink cat head shop, as well as set up out at my Heron Shire booth. It’s purple (a different shade than these for sale) and comes with a matching hat.

This 1 $L dress isn’t in my OnRez yet.

De Fleur Dresses

14 May

SLURL:  De Fleur
URL:  The Freebie Telegraph

Tonight Sandplum gathered us all up from the NCI Kuula stage for a De Fleur photo for the Freebie Telegraph blog.  Yay!  Here’s one I took during the photoshoot hehe

The De Fleur dresses are not child AV sized, but some of them can be resized to fit :)

Some are set to 0$L in her shop, and some are marked to 100$L

You’ll just have to find them!

Don’t forget to check the back of the shop on the round display, lots of neat freebies there.

Apple Hunt, be quick!

11 May

SLURL: Apple Hunt at Happy Style Mall

SLURL:  Pet Village, Japan

URL:  Freebie Telegraph Blog

It’s fun and relatively easy.  I think it ends on the 12th, but don’t quote me on that.  The shops are spectacular, everything for sale is lovely.  I couldn’t find all of them, but that’s okay.  Just missing 4, I think I’ll give another walk around to see if I can find them. Sal told me about it yesterday after he saw it over on the Freebie Telegraph Blog.  You should check the blog, lots of neat stuff is found and posted there.  I’m glad they post it all for the rest of us to see, thanks guys!

One of the recent entries is about a rideable kitty out at Pet Shop, Japan!  Sal told me about that in world as well hehe.  Sal is my in-world source for hunts and stuff hehe!  I now have a cute yellowish kitty for my kid AV.  Not to mention some super cute typing animation objects and I dunno what else, I forget.  I bought another kitty AV that has a super cute collar to it eek.  I love it!   I’m thinking about heading back for the puppies in a backpack.  Eek so cute.  The whole place is awesome.

Shoe Class

17 Mar

SLURL:  Aubern Hills

SLURL:  Flying Tribe Full Perm Sculpties

URL:  SLPics (My pictures!) 

Hehe.. today I took a class on making shoes. It was held in a lovely kid-safe sim.  I think there were people on duty to help watch over the area as well to keep troublemakers out of the area.

The class got off to a fairly rusty start, but despite all the minor problems with supply permissions.. I had a great time :) It also was very fun before hand as there was a really great coin hunt and I found some coins with linden inside! That was fun!  The whole sim layout is just great too.

The class dues were refunded due to permission problems preventing us from using the items, but it’s okay. (Thank you!) She was a stand-up teacher and refunded us, then we moved onto texturing a base shoe she made for us. That was fun, it was really nice seeing the results of the shoe maker script.

Then we did mary jane shoes too! The teacher made us the no-transfer base to texture and try on. Again, fun! :)

The sculpties were all created by the owner of Flying Tribe.  I just left her shop.  The shoe making kits are up the hill and inside the building there, look up.  I bought the ballet slipper’s kit.  Yay, time to go make a decorated set of shoes.

They look to be for humans, child/teen/adult sized.  I don’t know if they’ll fit tinies but I will report back later!  I think with some resizing, we can make them fit our little  huge pawsies.

Despite the rough start in the class, I will definitely keep an eye out for future classes.  :)  Even if you don’t take the classes, at least go check the land.  There’s a fun clock to climb, and if you make it to the top there’s a small surprise.  There’s a corn hedge maze, some various nursery rhymes that I don’t know… but the stuff was fun!  I am fairly sure the whole area is done in nursery rhymes.  Obviously I need to get some books from the library, I didn’t quite get it all.  But it is a lovely area! :)

I am so tired today in RL, that I am not sure if these entries today make any sense.

I have various photos uploaded on SLPics from the last week.  You should go check it out.   Aw man!  I just loaded it, the one from class today didn’t show up.  Well, I will get new ones.  My little shoes are cute from class!


10 Mar

SLURL:  Metamorphoses  (For quad cat AV)

I have been working on a new vehicle for a few days. It’s slightly different than my purple/green car.  The script setup was much easier this time around, I have the doors working with very little problems, the seating script worked great.  My next car should be even easier!  I have sounds too.

I don’t know how to make it so there is a horn beep.  I’d like to make it so if I hit a specific button, it beeps.  Since it’s not a flight vehicle, maybe the same button that would normally make me leap/fly would be good.  That’s for later though, haven’t even begun looking up how to do that.

I do have a question though, about a scripting problem I am working on the last three days.

How do I make it so that two spheres that will be tucked into the exhaust pipes (there’s two pipes) trigger a particle when I sit in my car and stop when I stand up? I tried llAvatarOnSitTarget, I tried sensors, and I can get a particle to trigger on sit and stop on unsit but only if it’s the one my butt is planted on. These two spheres are on the vehicle, but not directly what is sat upon.

Using llAvatarOnSitTarget doesn’t work though since I am not actually sitting on the spheres.  Though I did try adding in the sit target of the actual vehicle’s prim that I do sit on.. it didn’t help.

Well, with sensors I did get it to trigger.. at least, I think I did. Then I tried to make it so that it only triggered if someone was within 0.1 of the object and stop when I am not directly nearby but it didn’t stop particleling… er… that’s not a word.

So I have a ways to go, more things to try. I only just started trying the sensor option so I’ll work on that a bit more.  When I get it figured out, I’ll post up what I end up with!

The original version of this car with this same style was shorter. It fit my tiny siamese just fine. Today, I bought a great avatar from Metamorphoses (Nimbus Rau’s shop) and so I adjusted the height just a bit to fit this cat av head too.  It’s still quite small.

Now I’m a siamese cat tiny, a tuxedo cat quad, who’s sometimes a kid!  I’ve been scoping out Hogwarts the last couple of days.  They’re really  nice there!  Just working on my storyline application for them.

Kid Scouts

5 Mar

URL:  Kid Scouts Blog

SLURL: Kid Scouts campgrounds

SLURL: Inner Child Mall 

Two blog URL’s and two SLURL’s.   Several topics in one entry, but all related to kid av’s!

Look!  It’s kid scouts, in SL.

I wasn’t able to be in Girl Scouts, in RL for very long due to things in my life.  It sucked.  I *wanted* to be in scouts and couldn’t.  Probably if I was in it, I’d of wished I was doing something else though heh.

I don’t know if they’re taking new scouts though, not sure how that works.  I’ll try to remember and go this weekend and give an update.  It sounds like fun!

I found it on StellaStarr’s blog (URL at the top).  She’s cute!  I’ve seen her around TUi fairly often.  I think she might have been the first kid AV I saw.  I was lagging (when am I not?) so the first timeI saw her I couldn’t tell if she was a child AV or just a really odd little human.  Her AV was ruthed, now that Iknow the term.  Ruthed in a major way too haha

So if she’s not cute, then you’re not seeing her right :) haha

Ohmygosh it’d be fun to be in scouts!

I think I’ll go look around Inner Child and see what is new.   It’s a really cute mall,and it’s huge.  I haven’t seen the whole thing yet and I’ve been a few times.  I keep getting turned around.  This time I’m there as a kid instead of as a kitten, maybe that will help.

I’ll have another entry today or tomorrow with more news!

Fashionable SL Kids!

27 Feb

BLOG URL:  Fashionable Lifestyles of SL Kids

SLURL:  Sunrio

Neat!  Justine of Sunrio (slurl above) has set up a new blog to help organize all the fun free things for child avatars.  I love all the kid stuff.  Some of it I actually use on my Siamese.  I love lucky chairs with kid stuff in them too.  The rest I stick on my kid AV that I rarely use lately.

I had just been thinking it’d be neat if there was one for kid items.

Opus Free Port

13 Feb

SLURL:  Opus Free Port – Victorian SteamPunk

I love this island.  Camera out and take a look at the island shape.  I had a short chat with the Guv’ness of the island, Talia Tokugawa.  She’s just nice as can be!  I’m pretty excited about her in-progress fishing project.  She also mentioned how the island’s games will shape together, it sounds incredible.  I can’t wait :)

The island is just lovely and if you camera out you can see just where her island ends and the next begins.  I started walking and ended up in another area, which was equally as nice!  I forget the name, had the word “Cat” in it I’m pretty sure.  Mew.

I love rusty stuff in SL.  I think I really do like SteamPunk Victorian.  It’s just beautiful.  The rust, the steam, the cogs.  /whee *backflip*   Somewhere in my bags I have this weird hat I made where it uses mouse wheel power, has a magnifying glass, a candle for the light.  I should put that on and wear it around the steampunk lands.

Trying to find more that aren’t just shops, I’ll post SLURLS as I find them!

There’s also a salvage hunt going on at Opus Free Port too, but I couldn’t find any pieces.  I’ll go back later.   Just like a kitty to get all up in the camera lens.   Mew.