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New textures!

13 Jul

New! I put three new sets in the dollhouse. All three are alpha sets, yay! Using brushes by punksafetypin and Jupiter.

Also I’m preparing a prize for the upcoming august hunt “Summer Doesn’t End” that I’ll be participating in. I’ll have more info about that in the next few days I am sure. It starts August 1st! The theme is a fun one, there’s two ways I can go with it.. so still debating exactly what to do for my prize I’ll give out.

Going to work on the TextureMania hunt (as a hunter) this week too. There’s a prize for that hunt to find in my dollhouse too, if you haven’t been yet. I have not had time or energy yet to hunt, maybe tonight a little. There’s still also the Gone Fishin’ hunt, so grab a 7seas rod and go fishing for the prize. No bait needed.

P.S. Don’t poop in my pool, that means YOU!

The last few days have been very difficult in RL, today is.. not so bad surprisingly. I am holding up pretty okay I think for now. Keeping busy getting the house ready for family to visit soon, and finishing up some embroidery projects.

I keep trying to find a way to incorporate my RL crafts into some SL textures, but eh.. instead what I end up with is saying “ooo this brush/font/pattern would be so cute if I print it out and embroider it to hang on the wall!” So I never make any progress to figuring out how I’d bring some embroidery in-grid. I think I need to practice my path usage in GIMP, use the stitch brush I have and just create some virtual embroidery for you guys to use. That will be fun, I think.

Another p.s. Thank you to everyone who’s been so full of kindness the last few days (well, you guys are always nice, but this past week.. it has been so helpful) <3 <3 <3


Renovating today and bunny updates

22 Jun

Today the MM board is turned off so that people aren’t trying to TP friends in and getting stuck when I renovate this evening. I’ll hook it back up for tomorrow with something different :) If you didn’t get the Pointy Star 1 sculpt map, it’s available in the corner. Just not in the MM board anymore.

Not sure what I’ll put in it yet, maybe regular textures this time!

I think I have the dollhouse and cobblestone path ready enough to bring down, yesterday I put some more little touches on both so.. I think I’m ready. I hope. I figure it can’t be too bad, it’s got walls for stuff to go on and if it looks odd.. well.. it’s no more odd than what I have now haha. There’s more things I want to sculpt, a few things today hopefully after I get some RL stuff done. Especially the peg dolls, those should be easy to make. Then I can get some textures done for them and that’ll save on prims too :)

Today is also Ozimals update day to 1.3! YEAH! In the notecard in the group notices (check my profile, you can join Ozimals group that way if you want. I’m only in one bunny group) The notecard even mentions a website or something they’re doing too, I don’t think it’s ready for today though. But it’ll be a way to track pedigree and stuff. Oh how fun! I hope it’s tracked what’s been done too, I’d like to know the history of Chewy and Nomalina. Then I can make some family trees to frame and hang in my house and in their room in the attic (they move into the attic today hehe)! There’s also something about bunnybury but I am not sure what that is, it seems like you turn your bunnies into it and get something like tokens/points in return to spend on stuff in the bunnybury shop? Don’t quote me on any of this, I do not really know for sure.

I am excited that bunnies can still eat 1.2 food too, but I am not really sure what’s up with it exactly. I think someone said if they’re on 1.2, you got 3 days to update and 10 days if they on 1.3 food? What happens after the days end, do they start eating all mah stuff and pooping on my pillow? VALLA Update your bunnies! Just in case they start making yellow snow. Don’t know how yet, but I’ll IM you later with info. I think it’ll require us to buy a free totem on XStreet though. Ozimals chat is confusing haha :)

I have all five nests going now, that’s why renovations are later today. I can’t move the nests and I need to be sure there’s room for them to do their thing! *shakes the nest a little* GET OUT OF THERE, BUNNY!

Added new textures :)

17 Jun

Three new small boxed sets. They’re on the back wall. Dots in blue, purple, and green yay!

Lorimae’s Catbox on Morning Shire

Looking for a vendor

12 Jun

I’m trying to remember where I saw this in use, so I can see who made it.

What I want is a vendor that lets me sell my sculpt maps from it. The one I saw had the sculpts rezzed above the vendor base so people can arrow through them and buy what they want.

Is that done with a holovend? I think I can do that with HippoVend if that’s all it was.

Or is it done some other way? I’m too sleepy to work it out. I’ll see what I come up with tomorrow. I just know I saw the vendor in one of the usual shops that promotes their MM board but I don’t know who’s it was and I don’t think anyone on tonight knew what I meant (more like I probably didn’t make any sense hehe)


Busy day in SL!

8 Jun

I am pooped. Like I mean, RL tired from it all haha!

I worked on some sculpting, making myself a new bed! My old bed is sorta cruddy, but I am still proud of it as it was my first sculpted furniture! Now it’s time to put my recently learned skills to use and create something better, something big enough that Teddy won’t kick me out in the night ugh. I sleeps on the floor a lot!! About half done with that.

Then I wrote up a quick article for Chaffro, for the Shire Times. I’ve also been thinking about what can I write as a regular article for the Times. Without writers what’s the Times to do? It’s kind of silly to expect Chaffypants to do ALL the work. One person can’t do it! Well, he is pretty awesome and I am sure he could do it, but he shouldn’t have to. That’s the real point, he shouldn’t be all alone in this fun project.

So my first thing I worked on was some haiku for the paper! I have three written and done up on 512×512 to upload. I also worked on a store ad to put into it too. Then I have a two page spread of a recipe. It’s a standard internet recipe, but it’s one I truly love and make on occasion, even though I probably shouldn’t eat them at all haha!

I think that will be some of my contribution each time, poetry and a recipe. Something easy to fix up, but something nomalicious every time! I’d also like to contribute something else, but I don’t know what yet. I thought about maybe some short creative stories about Teddy. It’ll be fun! They can continue each time with yet another adventure, complete with pictures! Gotta run that by Chaffypants. :)

Then I worked out at Skidz on my land renovation project, it’s coming along nicely. Just a little bit more to do before I can pick up the current layout and drop the new one. I’m going all Silent Film style (black and white hehehe) I can’t quite figure out how to make it clear I am thinking “silent film” but.. eh.. you guys know me, it’ll probably not stay black and white for long before I recolor it haha.

I also put the textures into vendors so you can purchase them as singles too. Each vendor holds the textures from the corresponding boxed version. If it is missing a texture, let me know! I think I got them all sorted.

Dude, it lags my adventures up!

6 Jun

Oh man, it is bad today in SL!

I worked on some textures today, but with the lag I am afraid to risk uploading tonight. Bleh! I am planning a shop renovation soon too. I had planned to work on it some but it’s just too laggy for building no matter what sim I am at. I have seen something in a few texture shops now where they use a vendor rather than a box. You can purchase the textures single, choosing only what you want.

So my plan is to implement this in my shop. Each set would instead be in a vendor, you can scroll through and then buy the colors you want and skip the ones that make you gag haha! With the vendor I am using from KinEx, you can also click “TILE” and you can see it 2×2, click it again and it goes to standard 1×1. It lets you see just how it will repeat! :) You can also be sure whether or not something is seamless.

There’s been SO many times I am at a texture shop and I want maybe a lace texture from a set of 20, or a cute kitty themed texture that’s in a set of animals or something. I can’t just buy the one I want, I’d have to pay up for the entire box so instead I just skip it.

Right now I think there’s three KinEx vendors up, there’s more than one texture set in each of them. After I renovate, each vendor will be one set, I think. We’ll see. The vendor is only one prim, so it’s no different than if it was boxed. Just that if you want the whole set, you’ll need to pay, scroll, pay, scroll, pay (and so on)

Know what I mean, vern? hehehehe

Ozimals Nests Siblings!

5 Jun

SLURL: Bunnies at my Catbox

Mother Nomalina (not for sale, not for noms)
Fur: Havana – Broken Black
Eyes: Light Green
Ears: Half-a-Lop
Shade: Aphotic

Father Chewy (not for sale, not for noms)
Fur: Dutch – Tortoiseshell
Eyes: Light Gray
Ears: Lop Ears
Shade: Dusky

Nest #1 (L$ 1500, not for noms)
Mother Nomalina, Father Chewy
Fur: Dutch – Tortoiseshell
Eyes: Light Green
Ears: Lop Ears
Shade: Dusky

Nest #2 (L$750, not for noms)
Mother Nomalina, Father Chewy
Fur: Dutch – Tortoiseshell
Eyes: Light Gray
Ears: Half-a-Lop
Shade: Aphotic

Nest #3 (L$750, not for noms)
Mother Nomalina, Father Chewy
Fur: English Spot – Tortoiseshell
Eyes: Light Green
Ears: Upright
Shade: Aphotic

These are for sale, probably at a ridiculous high price that makes bunny buyers roll their eyes haha. But, I don’t know if I want to part with them.. so the price is set at a price I wouldn’t miss them too badly haha!

I don’t know how to price bunnies. There seems to be no standard. I also am finding it difficult to find any Dutch Tortoiseshell bunnies for sale. I guess if my prices are in fact too low, that’s okay.. if they sell, I got what I thought was a good price :)

You should buy them, then I can buy myself more catfood.

Hungry cat is hungry.

Disclaimer: You cannot buy my bunnies for use as noms, Catten and Boots!

New textures!

27 May

I’ve put two new packs in the shop tonight. :)

I have another set I’ll upload and get put out tomorrow possibly. Going to change out the MM board a bit, but I don’t think I’ll be up when midnight ticks over and I’m too tired to force the board and do it now. So it’ll be offline until tomorrow evening probably because I has some RL stuff I gotta do in the daytime.


Shop Update!

20 May

I put out a new texture pack this afternoon! Pink Mix 1.

It’s up in the shop. Check my picks for a LM or clicky here!

Today I also finally purchased an MM board. I keep thinking about it and finally decided to go for it. Not sure when I’ll get it all set up, but I’ll blog about it when it’s ready!

HippoVend, serious updates!

24 Apr

These are probably old to most people.  How exciting, I’m going from 1.6(something) to 2.6 here after I setup.   I don’t actually make use of it like I should, but with the new features, I most certainly can make it worth using.

Especially the gift card option, I like that a lot.  I need to go see if that’s an extra add on or if that’s in my inventory though.  I think it is extra.

Good news for me, there’s no hassle in updating.  I have no vendors out anyway!  Just a small server that held the MoR robot for the vendor I had for the Museum of Robots island.  Sadly, that’s gone now.  *sniff*

Now I can get my art in a vendor, my sculptures in a vendor, my other stuff too.  Textures, can be in one too! Yay!  Less prims in the shop means more stuff can be on display!