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Leave me logged in!

10 Jul

ARGH! Every time I go to the site I have to log back in! This is a new change in the last couple days I think. I used to stay logged in at least for the day. Dang it, leave me logged in! The way I see it is this.. if people are careless enough to leave themselves logged in while on a public computer and total strangers start messing about in their account, that’s their problem. Quit being careless and log yourself out, you can do it. Sure I could just click, then type my name and password in, then click submit. But. Let them log out and you can stop logging me out, k? Great, this is settled!

So leave me logged in! *shakes a paw fist angrily*

Four times I visit the site today, four times I gotta log in. Super annoying.

*marches with a sign that says “Leave me logged in!”*

Gonna start punching a few people in the shins to get someone to notice I want to stay logged in. Lay on the ground so I can kick you in the nose with a paw!

p.s. Leave me logged in!

Goodnight <3


I do not understand this

11 Jun

I have seen this a lot this past week where people will say something to the effect of:

“I don’t enter PG sims, EVER!”
“I won’t go to that shop, it’s a PG sim”
“I don’t join PG Flickr groups”
“People who live on PG sims creep me out”
“Too bad your shop is on PG, Lorimae. I’ll never go now that I know that.”


What? No really, lemme repeat it for lack of anything better to say in response “What?” There’s not even a good comeback that I can think of to say to that stuff when someone says it either directly to me, or in a group I am in.

It’s your second life, if you choose to skip PG sims.. hey, go for it. Just skip them, why make drama? Why be nasty and act as if it’s my fault that you’re unable to enter my shop, and that somehow magically if I’d change my land to “Mature” suddenly you’ll come visit? I doubt it. All you’re doing is stirring the pot. You know it riles people up, so most of the time, the only reason it’s stated is to ignite chat.

How is it that I am “creepy” for choosing a PG life? That’s insulting.

When asked about the random anti-PG statements, and why a person won’t enter PG, the answer is usually an insulting non-answer. Aimed at being hateful toward those of us who choose to live on PG lands and enjoy PG photo groups.

Rarely, but sometimes it’s someone who is merely making a statement of fact about their refusal to enter PG at that particular moment. No snarkiness involved, just simple fact. It’s not that they hate PG, nor do they find those of us on PG creepy, but that at that moment they are not dressed appropriately and for whatever reason are unable/unwilling at the time to change into something that covers certain body parts. That I can understand. I thank you for not showing up all nakie and standing around fishing like that haha

It’s the ones who act like PG land will somehow peel their skin off and dip them in a vat of high salt content water! I don’t get their reactions. I’ve tried to come up with some reason why this may be, but I just do not understand the pure hatefulness that comes from some people in regards to PG.

I will admit, I rarely enter Adult flagged land. I don’t hate it, I don’t think people on Adult land are creepy (okay, some actually are.. but not because they choose to live on adult lands hehehe), I don’t treat people who visit the adult lands with disrespect. I have my reason for not going. I just prefer to not randomly pop over to adult land to have several nekos humping one another as the first thing I rez haha. If a texture shop is in adult land, then yup I’ll probably go because the fact it’s on Adult land doesn’t automatically mean something “adult” is taking place.

Plus since I spend some time as a ChildAV, I fully understand people may react poorly to that style of avatar appearing in Adult land. I typically travel as a siamese Tiny for that reason, if I’m entering new lands especially. I usually only travel as a childav to sims I have scoped out previously. It’s less uncomfortable for me, and probably for the land owner as well.

PG land does not mean you must dress in a mumu and a bathrobe and then a full length winter coat to cover up fully. It does not mean you must dress in sweatpants/shirt, gloves, and a skimask to cover all skin. PG land also does not mean you must speak the Queen’s English either. Unless that’s just how you already spend your life in SL :)

Maybe all of this weird reactions some people have stems from not understanding how PG sims work? Put on a tshirt and some shorts if you’re nekkie and please don’t stand around in chat all cussing it up like a sailor gramma.

There’s a lot of beauty in the PG sims. Art galleries, concerts, cute worlds like the Shire.. by limiting yourself for whatever reasons you may have, you’re missing a lot of what I think is very fun stuff. I am sure I am missing a lot since I don’t travel around the Adult sims, but unless it’s pointed out as something I might like to see.. I typically don’t go exploring over on Zindra.

While I may not understand some people’s odd reactions about PG, I do respect your log in time is your own. I can respect your choices for where you go and where you don’t go. Your time is your time, do what is fun for you! If PG sims aren’t part of that equation, hey.. that’s totally okay.

What I cannot respect is those of you who sling the PG insults around like it doesn’t hurt anyone. Yeah I’ll admit, it upsets me sometimes. I’m sensitive I guess haha

But I’m not creepy.

Gallery owner using other’s photos, ugh!

5 Jun

Is this one of those things that I just do nothing, or is there something I should do?

I do not feel comfortable sharing the LM to the gallery. I am sure there are more than one of these types of galleries in SL, so it pretty much fits for them all.

Last night in a chat, someone mentioned they had a new gallery. A few of us went. I questioned her with, “what kind of camera do you use?” and she stated a cell phone camera. Well come on now, do you think I’m that dumb? The quality of photos I was seeing were not taken with a cell camera. For the most part they were spectacular photos, good color, great clarity, subject matter was cropped very well. I didn’t call her out and say “liar liar pants on fire!” as that’d be rude. But I said it outloud to my screen, for reals… I even sang the whole line to it!

(continued on, it’s long)
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Confused and troubled, I do not know what to think

23 May

I am very confused and actually troubled by some info I just heard. I want to clarify at the start this is not about any Tinies or any of the tiny health problems many of us suffer as of late <3 This is just another person in SL. Some may know who I mean, some may not. I am not going to call a name because I do not know 100% the truth and facts here. I can only go based off the sadness my own heart feels in this matter.

In fact, I almost posted something yesterday in relation to this basic topic. It was yesterday, before my heart became broken and confused though, I am glad I did not. It was to be a prayer request, but I suppose just the same.. I should request prayers because if any of this is true then maybe the person is not really all there if they think something like this is appropriate.

I am a real person. Sure, I am weird and I know it. How I am in SL is pretty much how I am in RL with the exception in RL, I don't say much at all. I am far too shy. I also have my own RL health problems so I am very sympathetic to those who say they are ill too. I understand the agony of being too ill to do what I wish I could do. I am real, I'm not just a cartoony figure on your screen.

So when a shop owner that I like says they are ill, and has a friend do the tasks necessary to close up shop and inform us all of the info along the way. It is a stressful thing for that person to undertake, first knowing your friend is so ill and then the stress of dealing with whatever loose ends there are in regards to the SL shop. Then I find out that it is possible things are not what they seem. I am saying "possible" because I do not know for fact but only what I am told and I am in no way calling the messenger a liar nono!! But, I do not feel like I am okay with taking it all as end all fact at the moment. We find out that apparently the shop owner created a new avatar and returned to SL all within what feels like maybe a week's time frame.

This is confusing to me.

I do not mind who's in SL. I understand the need to take breaks and to return when feeling better. I understand having alternate names to use. But what I cannot understand, is all of this, assuming it is true, and just feeling as if my emotions were toyed with. In a way, I feel very sad and heartbroken because I feel like I was in a sense, lied to. Not by the messenger of all of this, no no.. I in no way blame the messenger! I can only guess the messenger's heartbreak and sadness is worse than mine. To realize a game was possibly being played and using you as a pawn, that breaks my heart. I am so sorry you were put through that. You are very kind and did not deserve to be gamed like that. <3

I do not know what to think or what to say. I am angry, I am sad, I feel lied to, I feel very hurt. I feel just like back in EverQuest when someone said they had cancer. Then that person's brother came on to tell us the sad news, they died. We held a memorial service, we cried.. we all cried in RL, our hearts were shattered, healing was slow. He was our friend. A month later, he is back and we knew it was him. He "knew" us. Knew things that only the dead cancer patient should have known. He lied to us, to play a game with us, to see what we would do. Our hearts reshattered but not for the same reason as before, we were duped. We were played with. We were angry and hurt and sad and filled with distrust.

I am a real person. You are not just messing with a virtual pile of prims that looks like a kitty who stomped around in someone's garden. NO! I am a REAL person. I am typing this stuff right here, me. Me with a broken heart. I am typing the stuff in SL, when I talk about catboxes. Yes, that is me. In RL, I love the catbox informercials. They make me laugh. I am me, in RL and in SL. In fact, in SL I feel like I can be more.. me.. because I am not held back by as much crippling anxiety, crippling shyness, or physical pains that prevent being able to socialize. I do not trust easily, some may know why, others may just think it adds to my weirdness. It does, yes. I just do not trust people and to feel as if all this is true, I am.. for lack of a better word.. confused.

You hurt ME. You didn't just play a silly little game, a roleplay or a scene, this isn't just a single person game on your own local PC either. You hurt ME. I liked you. I thought you were so nice and fun and talented. You hurt me.

That same pain, distrust, and anger from EQ's event is the same feelings I feel now.

Am I warranted to feel this way? I don't know. Is it true that this new person is the old person? I don't know. Maybe it isn't true, maybe someone is scamming us and pretending to be who they really aren't. Maybe the real person is still too ill and has no idea what is going on.

No matter the case, someone is playing a game and I am upset by this. That someone is either you or someone pretending to be you. I do not believe it is the messenger playing a game. I want that to be very clear.

I don't like it at all :(

I know it’s your land.. but..

2 May

I think that having flying turned off on a sim that’s spread out as far as possible with little bunny booths is just silly. Do people really walk all the way one direction, only to walk back to the center, to then walk another direction, return to center.. and keep doing this for all compass directions?

I’m not griping about *all* sims with fly off. I can see where it comes in handy, especially in RP sims. I still grumble aloud here at my desk about it, but if it keeps the immersion the way the sim owners want it..I can respect it! But when it’s nothing but booths for buying bunnies.. come on now man. Be kind to my paws because Teddy won’t carry me! I still respect the sim owner’s choice in this case too, it’s their sim and they can do as they like.

Who am I to complain though really! I feel like I’m being rude about this, but I also feel the need to gripe publicly hahaha! It’s what nerd cats with blogs do sometimes when there is a need. I mean I’d be peeved if someone gave me lip about my land layout (then again mine’s only 40×60 meters or so). If you don’t like my land, then leave haha. But dang dude… turn some fly on then slap a giant invisible mega prim in the sky if you don’t want people flying higher than a specific point. I’m all for your privacy in the sky, but mah paws is tired after three booths! So unfortunately for the vendors in your sim, they lost all chance of making a sale.. even if they have the perfect bunny for me.. I’ve no patience to walk the entire giant area!

So.. I left! I could not even cam to see how many booths were actually rented. It may be that only the ones right at the center were, but *shrug*

Giant invisible sky mega prim, it is your friend <3

(jus sayin…. I likes to fly)

7seas contest announcements

30 Jul

I love 7seas.

This has nothing to do with 7seas products or creators. I loves them very much <3

This has to do with you people who make fishing contest announcements!

This is in NO way aimed at anyone in particular, I just gotta say it. It drives me up the wall lately, and because of it I find myself closing 7seas chat to avoid the massive blocks of text given for announcements lately.

Obviously… I’m in the 7seas chatter group, I don’t mind the chatting at all. Read that again before you get huffy with me, I don’t mind the chatter. I like the chatter. I love the chatter.. most days. People in 7seas chat are strange and sometimes interesting. :)

But seriously, the contest announcements need tamed down back to the old style. Again, before you get huffy and start writing yourself a huffy little comment to tell me to hit the little “X” in the corner if I don’t like the chatter (or more brilliantly, to comment and tell me to join the other 7seas group)… read on.

I said read on! *pounces* READ IT!!!

I like the word huffy and I am enjoying getting to write “before you get huffy” hehehehe

It sounds almost like fluffy!

It used to be that people would say “Hey, at ## am/pm, I’m holding a bait/nobait fishing tournament at SLURL:blahblahblah. Prizes are $$ for 1st, $$ 2nd, $$ 3rd”

Those were perfect, you could see it all in one quick glance. It was all close together, small, easy to see. It didn’t scroll off the page halfway leaving half the info unseen because the text block was so huge.

You could see the time, get the LM, and know whether or not you wanted to go based on prizes if that’s something you choose your tournaments based on. That probably takes 3 lines in my chat box, once you add in the SLURL.

For those of you who keep your announcement tame, I say.. YIPPIE! I appreciate it. You rock, you may now have some catnip and cookies. You’ve earned it. You are *two paws up* yay.

I can view 12 lines at once and about 65 characters wide. Maybe that’s smaller than most? Really, how many lines can you view at once? Mine fits in the upper left corner of my box. I keep it there while I build, chat with friends, teach classes, at events.. it’s always there. So how big is your chat box?

Let me get to the real point: For real people, how many lines can it possibly take to announce your contest is starting?

I’m not kidding, in the last few days it’s been increasingly larger paragraphs. Nay!! Let me call them chapters! What the heck people? Reign it in.

It seems lately, and it doesn’t seem to be just one person, nor does it seem to be a repeat offense for most.. (maybe it is, I dunno.. I close chat when I’m building lately) it’s just a lot of people doing this… but it seems that some that will use no less than 30 lines to announce a contest in two or three large blocks of text, followed by corrections and updates to the previous announcements they give, followed by everyone asking questions of “which is it?” and more updates given.

That’s not chatter. Remember I said I like 7seas chatter? Read from the top again if you’re gonna get huffy hehe.. huffy.. wheee…. It’s not chatter it’s just obnoxious.

Making your fishing tournament announcements bigger, spammier, and cover 15 to 60 lines does not make you cool. It makes me get huffy and have to come blog about it. So stop, that way I can get back to reading 7seas chat and building.

Time, SLURL, Prizes.. GO!

Then let’s commence with the chatting once again.

Got it? I’ll repeat it for you.

Time, Place, Prizes.. GO! Then we’ll chat once more.

No more chapters, get it right the first time.. or at least the second time.. 8.. 9..10.. times later it’s just silly and you’re wasting our time by not being organized enough to have gotten it at least slightly right the first 5 times you said it.

First time, put it in a note card, have a friend read it.. I don’t care.. but one last time:

Time, Place, Prizes.. GO!

Very good. Now, read it again if you’re thinking about getting huffy with me in my comments. Thank you very kindly, now go host a fishing tournament instead (good time to practice Time, Place, Prizes.. GO!)