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Linden Lab announces management changes

24 Jun

Wow… I know the rumor mill was working overtime yesterday in light of M’s absence at a speech, but to be honest I just figured the guy had gotten sick or something! I just chalked it up to internet users over thinking things.

Management Changes PR article

But.. no… just wow..

So did they announce it now, while SL7B is going to endear themselves to us all, to boost morale so to speak?

Update: Editing to add another link (hopefully it works)
Official Blog Entry about it all


Marketplace Linden too?

9 Jun

Pastebin Linden list

Marketplace Linden

Isn’t that the bot linden that pays us when stuff sells on xstreet?

*starts chewing aluminum foil nervously*

Oh wait pfft… Tiggs Linden is on the list too but he was online today as a Linden so maybe this list also includes ones who aren’t searchable since the last time whatever list they’re comparing this one to was made.

*sets the aluminum foil in a safe place, for later* Just in case…