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New textures!

13 Jul

New! I put three new sets in the dollhouse. All three are alpha sets, yay! Using brushes by punksafetypin and Jupiter.

Also I’m preparing a prize for the upcoming august hunt “Summer Doesn’t End” that I’ll be participating in. I’ll have more info about that in the next few days I am sure. It starts August 1st! The theme is a fun one, there’s two ways I can go with it.. so still debating exactly what to do for my prize I’ll give out.

Going to work on the TextureMania hunt (as a hunter) this week too. There’s a prize for that hunt to find in my dollhouse too, if you haven’t been yet. I have not had time or energy yet to hunt, maybe tonight a little. There’s still also the Gone Fishin’ hunt, so grab a 7seas rod and go fishing for the prize. No bait needed.

P.S. Don’t poop in my pool, that means YOU!

The last few days have been very difficult in RL, today is.. not so bad surprisingly. I am holding up pretty okay I think for now. Keeping busy getting the house ready for family to visit soon, and finishing up some embroidery projects.

I keep trying to find a way to incorporate my RL crafts into some SL textures, but eh.. instead what I end up with is saying “ooo this brush/font/pattern would be so cute if I print it out and embroider it to hang on the wall!” So I never make any progress to figuring out how I’d bring some embroidery in-grid. I think I need to practice my path usage in GIMP, use the stitch brush I have and just create some virtual embroidery for you guys to use. That will be fun, I think.

Another p.s. Thank you to everyone who’s been so full of kindness the last few days (well, you guys are always nice, but this past week.. it has been so helpful) <3 <3 <3


Tiny Swagtastic Weekend!

9 Jul

This post has several things going on.

First: Tiny Swagtastic Weekends! They held it last week but I was out of town, so this is my first week (and 2nd week of Swagtastics) so how exciting. All the participating Tiny merchants are putting an item marked down to 50 $L for the weekend. Wait wait.. keep reading.

I know most of you see “Tiny? Pfft” cause you’re all human and stuff. Wait though. I dunno what is available from the others yet, but mine is textures. So this week you’ll be able to get a set of textures marked down from 75 to 50 $L. So come shop, I’ll have it set by 8pm SL tonight. It runs all weekend till late Sunday night.

I know which textures already, it’s set up on the 2nd floor of the dollhouse on the little table. You can join the group by clicking the sign under the table too btw. Groupless group! Then you’ll get the updated list so you can check all the shops involved. You can also see which textures I plan to offer starting tonight too.

Next up: Lack of adventures. Last week with vacation, and this week my husband managed a couple more days off. Yay! Our original plan was to go be tourists in a neighboring town haha but instead, we’re doing a couple home repair projects. I am sooooooo excited about them too. I’ll tell you later Valla, it’s great and I built something woohoo. P.S. My rhubarb must of been a dud, nothing’s happening. I’ll try again next year yay! I keep meaning to tell you but I always forget.

Last thing for now: Do not forget, I am in two treasure hunts. One you need to fish the prize up using 7seas rod (no bait needed) and the other you’ll need to hunt around my shop for. You’re looking for a smiley face w/ a paintbrush.

RL Vacation and SL hunts I’m in!

30 Jun

SLURL: Lorimae’s Catbox – Two hunts in July!

This post is being glued to the top until I get back home. Scroll down though, on June 30th I’ll still be blogging! Between July 1st to 5th I am without access to SL. Two days on the road, long hours driving there and back. Three days visiting with family and maybe scoping out some craft stores yippie! More embroidery thread is always happiness to me. <3


TextureMania hunt runs July 1 to 31!
Official blog w/ hints: TextureMania

My hint:

Smiley face you seek?
Dollhouse has four floors to peek!
New ceiling, no leak.

If it breaks due to server upgrades, relax.. I’ll fix it when I get home yay!

Gone Fishin’ Hunt runs July 1 to 31

This hunt is so much fun, I just love both being a vendor in the hunt and also being a hunter. You will need a 7seas rod. You do NOT need bait. You can pick up a rod from the 7seas vendor by one of the trees on my property. It’s in the corner near the lake.

My land’s small. you’ll find it!

Equip the rod, and start fishing. Read the manual, I think it’s /1cast maybe? It’s a global catch all through the hunt which means no bait necessary. If you want to gain rod experience points, use bait too. You’ll still catch it (bait or no bait, yay for prizes)

Then once you catch the GFH prize, what I like to do is attach it to my ear and pull the LM out of the box to the next lake. I have auto return set to send your stuff back, but hey.. be kind.. pick up yer crap wherever you go okay?

My IM’s will likely cap, so whatever you wanted to say.. you might want to repeat again after I’m back okay? Sometimes when there’s a lot of notecards/IM’s they don’t even all make it to e-mail notify bleh.


15 Jun

SSBH Blog w/ Hints LM’s
All done yay!

#32 was a real puzzler. Try setting to midnight and thinking of the clue from the point of the star perhaps. It’s tricky, but once I had the extra clues… the original clue makes a lot more sense!

Now to go housework in RL, exercise, watch some of my Netflix dvd, then sort through and see what my prizes are. Plus I’ll have another blog entry about another set of textures I picked up, I spotted.. did a double take.. and even had to take time to send the creator a notecard

Want to know what I think is lame in a hunt?

8 Jun

Know what I think is lame? I’ll tell you.

I think it’s lame when vendors think it’s funny to put out several of the hunt items, to keep us in their store longer. Know what? It doesn’t work. Once I come across two fake ones, when every other shop leading up to yours in the hunt did not use fake out hunt objects.. I leave. I can only assume that you did not know how to put your stuff in the hunt object, gave it another try and failed again. Why waste my time, I saw one.. then actually saw another on the edge of my screen just as I was tping out. Your hunt object(s) don’t work.

In my opinion, it’s obnoxious for you to lay a bunch of fake ones around. Sure it doesn’t hurt you any if I leave and since I don’t name names in this post it won’t hurt your business any either. You’d likely not have gotten a sale from me anyway, since I’m not exactly the most spendy kitty on SL haha. But what about the people who would have bought had they not gotten frustrated trying to find it in your shop with all the fake outs stuck around?

It’s just lame. I don’t care if you give a hint, it could have arrows pointing at it even. You had fake ones out when no other shop in this hunt has. Laaaame.

Kitty says lame isn’t for noms.
Teddy says lame-o-rama
New wounded kitty says what? Lame, and someone gimmie a new bandaid.

If it’s the way the hunt runs, where all shops are doing it.. hey.. that’s the hunt’s rules, still a bit lame though hehe. But if that’s how the hunters are told from the start that it’s going to be then I have no complaints that I could possibly make. I know going into it what I’m in for. Thankfully many hunts these days offer us a LM list. For that, I thank all you hunt runners so very much <3

Without it, I would be stuck getting more and more irritated in that last shop or worse yet.. quitting and that would mean the other shops would not get my eyes seeing their neat products. That would be a losing situation for the shops after the one playing lame fake games.

p.s. I haven't said the word enough so let's get it all out o fmy system:
lame lame lame lame lame
lame lame lame lame lame
lame lame lame lame lame

k, I good now…. for now anyway!!

But as always, it's just my opinion and Teddy's too haha. Maybe I'm wrong, but you'll likely not convince me that I am. I think it's lame and that's all there is to it haha

Give one hunt prize per avatar script

3 Jun

Gift Giver Script @ Chimerafire

YAY! Took some searching for the right keywords to find it. I tried give contents to one avatar, hunt script giver, give gift hunt single, hunter script single prize, finally… I ended up at that blog :) Hopefully anyone else searching the random keywords I tried will find either that blog, or this entry and be able to head that way too.

During hunts I sometimes see where the prize will only give one per avatar. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Not sure what the general opinion of that is though. I don’t know if hunts usually have rules against using them in your object, but I was thinking about dropping it into the prim for the hunt coming up. I’d rather not have people mass clicking then feeling as if it is acceptable to just “give away the extras since I can’t use them!” Nono, it doesn’t work like that. Your friend can have one if they come do the hunt too, you can’t just give away the extras that you purposely clicked to get.

It irritates me when people repeatedly buy a hunt item over and over. One hunt, I had someone buy the tiny dress prize something like 24 times. What for? It was no transfer and she wasn’t a tiny anyway. Given her profile, I was surprised she’d even step foot on PG land! Her profile was… shocked cat is shocked. It’s why I don’t do many hunts. People like that irritate me with their rude repeated taking. It shouldn’t bother me probably, but dang it.. it does haha

Accidents happen of course, lag maybe eats a prize, a person forgets they were at a shop and goes again. I’ve most certainly ended up with double, sometimes maybe triple of the prize due to lag or stopping in my hunt list. Then returning because I couldn’t remember if I had been there. Normally that’s because the shop owner misnames their hunt item. Tsk tsk! That’s not the same as having 24 “accidents”! If it don’t deliver the first two times, hello… it’s probably not delivering due to SL issues, so try later!

Edit to add: Hmm, I think both the Group and General script are the same on that site. The general one seems to require me to be wearing the same tag as I had on when I rezzed the box I was testing it in. I think it’s supposed to not need a group tag? I’ll give it another try tomorrow. I hate to bother Chimera about it, especially if it might just be a simple mistake on my part. If you give it a try, let me know how it worked for you? I might just be toooo sleepy tonight hehe :)

Hybrid Hunt and SL’s Star Builders Hunt

2 Jun

First there is the Hybrid Hunt. I just started it, it starts off at Trashtastic! They are in a lot of hunts so if you look around (there’s hints by the door) you can score a lot of treasure. I haven’t looked at the prizes yet so I don’t really know what I got haha. I just know I got a lot of stuff! Be sure you know what prize you’re clicking the next LM in too, or you’ll end up on a different hunt hehe

Hybrid Hunt Official Blog
Starting Location
Some Hybrid Hunt Hints

Then there’s also a really great one for builders, the SL’s Star Builders Hunt (SSBH)

Starting Location for SSBH at USC
SSBH Official Blog with LM and Hints

It’s a bit tricky at some shops, you need to really work your camera skills! The group for the hunt is good too, they’re really helpful last night when I had trouble with a LM. <3 Plus I recognize some of them from the MM for Creators group hehe!

I also recommend you keep an eye on the SL-Schnaeppchen blog in case she posts photos :) Don’t know if she’s on these two hunts, but I enjoy the photos she posts. She has some pictures from the Believe hunt as well that I saw this morning. Yay! I plan to do that one to get a few of the prizes she posted.

TextureMania Hunt!

20 May

It starts in July :) I’m a vendor stop along the way during your hunting fun. Yippie! I’ll be creating a set of textures just for the hunters to find. Yay :)

TextureMania Hunt Blog

There’s a sign at the entrance of my shop, you can click for info and join the official hunt group. It’s run by Mandi Blanco. If you’re also a texture maker, check her profile before the 31st of May to see how to become a vendor in the hunt too!

Dark Katz Hunt

18 May

I love neko stuff <3 I love the word neko. I love cats. I am a cat. I am one with my cattitude. Meow.

DKH Blog

I couldn’t find where anyone’s posted pictures of the prizes yet, but if I find anything that I’m able to wear either as a tiny or as a scrawny childav size, I’ll get pictures! I really just like visiting neko themed shops, even if most of the time the stuff is too big.

I have a sculpty belt kit I think, from Arcane. I say “i think” because I’m not sure if it was a sample to show just one of the sculpts from the kit or if the board (or maybe chair) gave a whole kit. I will just make my own belt one of these days! :)

Hey people with high prim boxes!

8 May

When you box your stuff up, could some of you maybe consider a few less prims for your “gift box”? When I can’t open something I got at your shop during a hunt because the gift box is well over 30 prims (and the object I’m trying to get out of it is well under that).. well, that’s just lame.

I know, I know.. I shouldn’t complain because it was free. Well just so it’s very clear, I’m not griping about the item or prizes! I’m griping because your gift box is ridiculously primmy and I can’t even rez it on my land to see what’s inside!

Wearing it and trying to drag the item out doesn’t work if it’s no-copy either it seems. Maybe SL is just having a spaz at the moment, but so far on several boxes (from old hunts that I never sorted fully) I’m finding that I’ll need to go out to a sandbox to even see what’s inside.


I think a one prim box either with your shop’s box logo or the photo of the item is the best. I especially love boxes with the item’s photo. Particularly on hunts, that way I can see quickly if it’s something I’d use or be able to wear.