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RL Vacation and SL hunts I’m in!

30 Jun

SLURL: Lorimae’s Catbox – Two hunts in July!

This post is being glued to the top until I get back home. Scroll down though, on June 30th I’ll still be blogging! Between July 1st to 5th I am without access to SL. Two days on the road, long hours driving there and back. Three days visiting with family and maybe scoping out some craft stores yippie! More embroidery thread is always happiness to me. <3


TextureMania hunt runs July 1 to 31!
Official blog w/ hints: TextureMania

My hint:

Smiley face you seek?
Dollhouse has four floors to peek!
New ceiling, no leak.

If it breaks due to server upgrades, relax.. I’ll fix it when I get home yay!

Gone Fishin’ Hunt runs July 1 to 31

This hunt is so much fun, I just love both being a vendor in the hunt and also being a hunter. You will need a 7seas rod. You do NOT need bait. You can pick up a rod from the 7seas vendor by one of the trees on my property. It’s in the corner near the lake.

My land’s small. you’ll find it!

Equip the rod, and start fishing. Read the manual, I think it’s /1cast maybe? It’s a global catch all through the hunt which means no bait necessary. If you want to gain rod experience points, use bait too. You’ll still catch it (bait or no bait, yay for prizes)

Then once you catch the GFH prize, what I like to do is attach it to my ear and pull the LM out of the box to the next lake. I have auto return set to send your stuff back, but hey.. be kind.. pick up yer crap wherever you go okay?

My IM’s will likely cap, so whatever you wanted to say.. you might want to repeat again after I’m back okay? Sometimes when there’s a lot of notecards/IM’s they don’t even all make it to e-mail notify bleh.


7seas contest announcements

30 Jul

I love 7seas.

This has nothing to do with 7seas products or creators. I loves them very much <3

This has to do with you people who make fishing contest announcements!

This is in NO way aimed at anyone in particular, I just gotta say it. It drives me up the wall lately, and because of it I find myself closing 7seas chat to avoid the massive blocks of text given for announcements lately.

Obviously… I’m in the 7seas chatter group, I don’t mind the chatting at all. Read that again before you get huffy with me, I don’t mind the chatter. I like the chatter. I love the chatter.. most days. People in 7seas chat are strange and sometimes interesting. :)

But seriously, the contest announcements need tamed down back to the old style. Again, before you get huffy and start writing yourself a huffy little comment to tell me to hit the little “X” in the corner if I don’t like the chatter (or more brilliantly, to comment and tell me to join the other 7seas group)… read on.

I said read on! *pounces* READ IT!!!

I like the word huffy and I am enjoying getting to write “before you get huffy” hehehehe

It sounds almost like fluffy!

It used to be that people would say “Hey, at ## am/pm, I’m holding a bait/nobait fishing tournament at SLURL:blahblahblah. Prizes are $$ for 1st, $$ 2nd, $$ 3rd”

Those were perfect, you could see it all in one quick glance. It was all close together, small, easy to see. It didn’t scroll off the page halfway leaving half the info unseen because the text block was so huge.

You could see the time, get the LM, and know whether or not you wanted to go based on prizes if that’s something you choose your tournaments based on. That probably takes 3 lines in my chat box, once you add in the SLURL.

For those of you who keep your announcement tame, I say.. YIPPIE! I appreciate it. You rock, you may now have some catnip and cookies. You’ve earned it. You are *two paws up* yay.

I can view 12 lines at once and about 65 characters wide. Maybe that’s smaller than most? Really, how many lines can you view at once? Mine fits in the upper left corner of my box. I keep it there while I build, chat with friends, teach classes, at events.. it’s always there. So how big is your chat box?

Let me get to the real point: For real people, how many lines can it possibly take to announce your contest is starting?

I’m not kidding, in the last few days it’s been increasingly larger paragraphs. Nay!! Let me call them chapters! What the heck people? Reign it in.

It seems lately, and it doesn’t seem to be just one person, nor does it seem to be a repeat offense for most.. (maybe it is, I dunno.. I close chat when I’m building lately) it’s just a lot of people doing this… but it seems that some that will use no less than 30 lines to announce a contest in two or three large blocks of text, followed by corrections and updates to the previous announcements they give, followed by everyone asking questions of “which is it?” and more updates given.

That’s not chatter. Remember I said I like 7seas chatter? Read from the top again if you’re gonna get huffy hehe.. huffy.. wheee…. It’s not chatter it’s just obnoxious.

Making your fishing tournament announcements bigger, spammier, and cover 15 to 60 lines does not make you cool. It makes me get huffy and have to come blog about it. So stop, that way I can get back to reading 7seas chat and building.

Time, SLURL, Prizes.. GO!

Then let’s commence with the chatting once again.

Got it? I’ll repeat it for you.

Time, Place, Prizes.. GO! Then we’ll chat once more.

No more chapters, get it right the first time.. or at least the second time.. 8.. 9..10.. times later it’s just silly and you’re wasting our time by not being organized enough to have gotten it at least slightly right the first 5 times you said it.

First time, put it in a note card, have a friend read it.. I don’t care.. but one last time:

Time, Place, Prizes.. GO!

Very good. Now, read it again if you’re thinking about getting huffy with me in my comments. Thank you very kindly, now go host a fishing tournament instead (good time to practice Time, Place, Prizes.. GO!)

Tonight’s 7seas Tournament!

8 May

SLURL:  Lorimae’s Plot of Land (with 7seas fishing available!)

I braved up and held my first real tournament at my land tonight at 8:30pm SL time :)  30 minutes, with 100L to first place.   It was so much fun, thank you all for joining me!  People are welcome to fish at any time, just please keep in mind my plot of land is in a PG rated area :)

I announced it tonight in 7seas chat as well as Raglan Shire chat, hopefully the second was okay to do eek.. I debated about announcing it or not.  I just wanted to fish with some tiny friends too!  I’m glad I did though, two tinies joined in! :)  Morticia won 1st place and 100L (grats Morti!!)  Then there was also (in no particular order, because I cannot remember the order) Arcana, N17, Crazy126, and Castora all there fishing and they all did great too.

Some rods dinged, some great fish caught, and it was just nice to hang out with everyone.

Thanks again for joining me :)

I’ll host another one soon.  I think Wednesday nights may become a regular tournament but I’ll give it a shot next week to make sure I am able to commit to hosting it.  Worried about putting myself on the official list then missing a tournament because I forget I’m supposed to host hehe!  I’d like to host another one during the week, maybe earlier in the evening as well.  I’ll see where an open spot is! :)

Well.. there we go.  Yay for a tournament! :)

HippoVend, 7seas fish trade and sales

6 May

It’s a great product, but dude.. it’s hard to set up.  I mean really, I’m struggling.  I’ve been struggling with it for about a week.  Not a solid week of endless work, just.. a bit here and there.

I’m getting it now though!  It’s getting easier.  The manual is good, I’m just not used to vendor setups at all.  It’s a little confusing to remember to drop the stuff in the server and not in my vendor prim uh.. dealie.

Setting up holovending for the products I have made (not for 7seas fishies vendor), and you should go check my shop out btw, is tough.  I can’t seem to get the recliners to rez upright haha.  So I’ll work on that again later this week.  I’d like to reduce my Onrez vendors to one with just everything in it, then set up some HippoVend around in the bear head shop and out at Tiny-Go-Round.. and anywhere else I find to set up shop at :)

I felt like my brain was going round and round.  I click the vendor, I click the server, I click the site.  Round and round I went.  I finally got it though.  I had to bring my second vendor that I’m testing with offline, then reset it.  RESET IT!  Not download, not go online, but R-E-S-E-T!  Reset, seriously, I’m not kidding.  Otherwise it won’t take the new name you make for your vendor.  You don’t want to go round and round in the brain do you?

Seriously, I need a break now hehehe

I’m trying to set up a vendor to throw my 7seas fishies in that I’ve caught.  That way I can set it up and maybe cover some bait costs while cleaning out my inventory too!  I’m always up for trades too!  If I have a fish that you want, even if I already have the one you want to trade.. eh.. it’s okay with me!  Let’s trade!

Except for if it’s a fish that I have only one copy of, I am keeping one copy of my fishies :)

The vendor won’t have pictures of the fish, just a generic texture in place that I made.  If you really want to see a couple of the fish, I’ll show them to you!

I have lots of common fish, rares, ultrarares, but only a few super ultra rares but no lolcats.  My first lolcat will stay as minemineminemine! :)  He will not be for nomnoms.

If I don’t reply to IM’s, just catch me later.  I miss IM tabs a lot, sorry.. it’s not just because I don’t know you, I do it to friends too (sorry guys!)

Eventually I’ll have all my Tinies products I made set up in the hippovend style vendor as well, with holo display.  i think that may help show off what I’ve made much better than a snapshot.  It’s all for sale to cover more bait and fees for classes I take around SL haha

7seas schedule, land layout

20 Apr

The new one is out as of April 20th!

I think there’s more this week than last yay!  More fishin’ is more better!

They’ve done a great job with the 2.0 release.  I need to quit messing around with my land and get my lake ready so I can set up a fishing spot.  I really want to hold a tea and fishing party hehe.  The daintiness of tea party with the yay of fishing.

I think it’d be fun.

Plus some only run 30m at a time, so I could pay attention that long to host a contest every now and then!

I’m debating if I want my lake in between my shop/house buildings or leave it in the back behind my house.  I’ll probably leave it behind, so people don’t TP in and instantly fall into a lake.  As funny as that’d be, I can say I’d be pretty irritated if that happened to me hehe.

So don’t forget to open up the new schedule.  April 20th is the latest one, they all have dates at the top.