About Lorimae

(Update: Added Xstreet link back)

May 28, 2010  – Visit me in Morning Shire!

This is a few links of where to find me in world and on some sites.  Plus a little bio at the bottom.  <3

Obviously, I am Lorimae Undercroft in Second Life™. hehe!

Lorimae’s Catbox – Textures and things for Tinies and Humans!
(all of my items are at the Main/Home link!)

Main Shop/Home | Heron Shire Booth

Shop on the Internet!

Apez.Biz | XStreet

Stuff to see at my place!

Art Gallery of RL/SL photography (Click the GALLERY sign!)
7seas fishing with customs by me, yay
Shop of tinies clothing, vehicles, accessories
Shop of human sized jewelry, shoes (fitted to my ChildAV)

Lori’s SL Photographs Online

Flickr | SLPics

Other Sites I’m at – Add/Follow me!

| Twitter | AvatarsUnited


Usually I’m a siamese kitty, but sometimes I’m a kidAV.  I am over 18 in RL, even if I don’t act it usually haha!  Teddy is my little blue bear that is almost always with me.

We love to travel the grid, taking snapshots, going on treasure hunts, and finding really cool things in lucky chairs/boards/cupcakes.  Teddy is an avid fisher of 7seas lakes, if you have customs that you think we’d enjoy please send a LM!

I have frequent AFK due to health problems.  If I don’t reply, please try again in a while <3


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