Leave me logged in!

10 Jul

ARGH! Every time I go to the secondlife.com site I have to log back in! This is a new change in the last couple days I think. I used to stay logged in at least for the day. Dang it, leave me logged in! The way I see it is this.. if people are careless enough to leave themselves logged in while on a public computer and total strangers start messing about in their account, that’s their problem. Quit being careless and log yourself out, you can do it. Sure I could just click, then type my name and password in, then click submit. But. Let them log out and you can stop logging me out, k? Great, this is settled!

So leave me logged in! *shakes a paw fist angrily*

Four times I visit the site today, four times I gotta log in. Super annoying.

*marches with a sign that says “Leave me logged in!”*

Gonna start punching a few people in the shins to get someone to notice I want to stay logged in. Lay on the ground so I can kick you in the nose with a paw!

p.s. Leave me logged in!

Goodnight <3


2 Responses to “Leave me logged in!”

  1. Valla-chan July 10, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    I think that if you are logged into SL, then you should automatically be logged into their website and xstreet. it’s annoying that you gotta put in the same username and password for three different places. especially if you link to one from another. *pouts*

  2. Lorimae July 10, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

    YES! I agree, that’d be so much easier. I think it is silly that if I am in world, using in world browser, I still gotta log in that way too. Weaksauce.

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