Tiny Swagtastic Weekend!

9 Jul

This post has several things going on.

First: Tiny Swagtastic Weekends! They held it last week but I was out of town, so this is my first week (and 2nd week of Swagtastics) so how exciting. All the participating Tiny merchants are putting an item marked down to 50 $L for the weekend. Wait wait.. keep reading.

I know most of you see “Tiny? Pfft” cause you’re all human and stuff. Wait though. I dunno what is available from the others yet, but mine is textures. So this week you’ll be able to get a set of textures marked down from 75 to 50 $L. So come shop, I’ll have it set by 8pm SL tonight. It runs all weekend till late Sunday night.

I know which textures already, it’s set up on the 2nd floor of the dollhouse on the little table. You can join the group by clicking the sign under the table too btw. Groupless group! Then you’ll get the updated list so you can check all the shops involved. You can also see which textures I plan to offer starting tonight too.

Next up: Lack of adventures. Last week with vacation, and this week my husband managed a couple more days off. Yay! Our original plan was to go be tourists in a neighboring town haha but instead, we’re doing a couple home repair projects. I am sooooooo excited about them too. I’ll tell you later Valla, it’s great and I built something woohoo. P.S. My rhubarb must of been a dud, nothing’s happening. I’ll try again next year yay! I keep meaning to tell you but I always forget.

Last thing for now: Do not forget, I am in two treasure hunts. One you need to fish the prize up using 7seas rod (no bait needed) and the other you’ll need to hunt around my shop for. You’re looking for a smiley face w/ a paintbrush.

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