SL Fashion Fest LM?

6 Jul

Maybe I’m just unable to think because it’s so incredibly hot here today, but am I misisng the obvious at the  <a href=”“>SL Fashion Fest Blog (click)</a>  I looked over that blog and could not find the LM’s to take me to the events.  It talks about all the stuff going on but for the life of me, I could not find a LM.

Finally I loaded the map in world and tried typing in the various sims listed on the Event page they have but found nothing.  Then I tried typing in Fashion Fest and there you go, the sims are there to TP to that way.

So is it just me, did I miss the super obvious “click here for the LM’s” type section… or is it just not listed on the blog in a clear way?

The blog says it’s for Relay for Life, so that is great!  Is this the same as the fashion faire from last year?  I forgot what it was called.   I’m de-lagging myself so I can go scope it out.  I figure it’s probably mostly for human adult avatars, but maybe I’ll see something cute that I can carry around on my head as a kitty!

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