Bunnies and Strawberries!

28 Jun

Today starts the Oz Strawberry Festival! There’s a hunt at Magic of Oz (the Ozimals people) and it goes from today to July 11th! Yippie! Not only that, nests you kindle could possibly be the Strawberry Elite. So if you do NOT want a bunny to maybe be a Strawberry bunny… don’t kindle it until the 12th I suppose.

Candy said in chat that it is the same bunny under the elite coat, and it’ll breed like it should. Earlier someone explained that two strawberry bunnies will not make a strawberry baby, but rather whatever is under the strawberry outfit will come out as genetics in the bunnehpie. Make sense?

I had planned to hold two nests (a sibling pair) but now that I know the bunny underneath comes out, I’ll just go ahead and bake ’em up later! I currently have one going now, no relation to any in my family. I wrote down parent names just in case I ever see another bunny with the same parents! Plus when Chewy and Nomalina get a good sleep in, I’ll hopefully get a new bunnehpie from them too to bake up! :)

Nomnom strawberry bunnehpie! I mean no!! *holds up a paw and monotones* Bunnies are not for noms.

Boots and Catten are a bad influence on me. heehee. Blaming them is fun! I will do this more often! <3 hehehe

So I named the bunnies that were rezzed already and slowly aging up this past week.

I have a bunch in hibernation in inventory, I know they lose a gen but I just can't keep them all rezzed up. I just don't know about taking the risk to sell them, I'd hate to get stuck having to feed 'em each month and not getting rid of them. They're free in my inventory haha. Plenty of waffles and catfood in there to eat anyway, they'll adapt.

I named one Holland Lop – White as "Dandruff" and picked her up, since she hasn't a mate at this time. I'll rez and bring her out of the hybernation I am sure she'll be in, once I find a match. I can't have all mah bunnies out. No room hehe! She looks very similar to Flake of Snow.

I named another Holland Lop – White (amethyst eyes) "Flake of Snow", she's cute. She's to be paired later with the male Havana Broken Blue (amethyst eyes) named Sir Danger Pants. Not siblings.

Then there's Harlequin Fawn Magpie named Buzz, he'll be paired with his sister who's an English Spot Tortoiseshell named Skidmark. Skidmark heehee… check out her back and tell me if I'm right? I know I'm right! hehe These two are children of Chewy and Nomalina.

Rezzed also is an English Spot Opal radiant named Teapot, she was hard to name. Almost called her Piddles haha. I'll pair her with a Holland Lop White radiant named Mr. Christmas. Not siblings, but so very cute <3 I can't wait to breed their children together!

The holland lop whites all had family trees that listed mother/father (but nothing further), but unfortunately the notecards were named the same and by the time I got back (and stupidly didn't write down parent names from the nest) I can't tell which notecard went with what bunny. I hope that when the new Ozimals site that will track bunny lineage goes up, it back-dates to all that exist in world. I also hope it's free to use the site hehe!

I have started full records on the bunnies I have now, noting where they came from lucky chair, purchased, writing down parent names on the nest. If I keep track now, it'll be easy to keep it up with every bunny from today forward. I don't have info for many though, and I took a guess as to which bunnies went with what notecard. I am pretty sure the amethyst parents went with my amethyst bunny, but like I said.. hopefully the lineage backdates on the new site when it's ready!

Hopefully later tonight the crowd will be thinner and I can go hunt around in the Oz hunt yay! If not, I have until the 11th so I can do it after vacation.

Not only that the day just gets better, I got my exercise done, laundry's done, last night I couldn't sleep so I worked on textures.. I'll look them over because I cannot remember what they look like.. hopefully medicated texture making doesn't result in total crap. I vaguely remember making the ad images for them too haha. So if they don't stink, I'll have some 4th of July themed textures later today :)

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