Bunny Markets

26 Jun

I love going to bunny markets heehee <3

Those of you who organize your bunnies in some easy to tell manner, you are awesome! Some people I think just toss the nests up there and TP away. It's hard to find what I am looking for if you have a ton of nests all crammed together all willy nilly.

One booth I am at has zero organization. I thought maybe it was by parent, no. Maybe eye color? Nope. Ear style, fur shade, fur breed? No, no, and no. So dang.. how are these organized? You kind of have them in groupings but I can't figure out what the plan is. It's dizzying to read every one.

I love places that have whole shelves set for fur colors, or ear style, or radiants or whatever you do to organize. It makes it so much easier to know whether or not you have what I am looking for.

I bought a couple Holland Lop White nests today yippie! One for 100 $L is Holland Lop White, Amethyst, Half-a-Lop, Radiant I think it was. The other was 25$L and was not a gem eye and not radiant. Two booths over, the same nest (didn't see till after I bought mine) was going for considerably more. I'll have photos later and verify what they are exactly.

How exciting, gonna go shake 'em outta their pies later!

Send me LM's in world for bunny markets or your shop if you run one off your own land! I would love to come see your bunnies. I've only visited a few so far.

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