Raglan Classifieds, Tinies.. use it!

23 Jun

The RaglanShire.com website has all sorts of neat stuff. One of the underused sections is the Classifieds. It’s easy to use, and the more who use it, the more will see it! It’s all dependent upon tinies using it to make it great. So use it, guys!

Classifieds and I like to do the “recent ads” at the top to see what’s newly added.

I haven’t all my stuff listed yet, but I’m getting there. It is not sales site, as in.. you can’t go and buy from the site. Not like XStreet works, it’s just a nice listing of all the Tiny Wares that have been listed. I like it, there’s so many tiny shops that if everyone would use it.. I could shop easier by seeing what’s new and then clicking the LM to go shop.


One Response to “Raglan Classifieds, Tinies.. use it!”

  1. 3d tetris June 24, 2010 at 2:43 pm #

    i’ll definetly use it, thank you.

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