Renovating today and bunny updates

22 Jun

Today the MM board is turned off so that people aren’t trying to TP friends in and getting stuck when I renovate this evening. I’ll hook it back up for tomorrow with something different :) If you didn’t get the Pointy Star 1 sculpt map, it’s available in the corner. Just not in the MM board anymore.

Not sure what I’ll put in it yet, maybe regular textures this time!

I think I have the dollhouse and cobblestone path ready enough to bring down, yesterday I put some more little touches on both so.. I think I’m ready. I hope. I figure it can’t be too bad, it’s got walls for stuff to go on and if it looks odd.. well.. it’s no more odd than what I have now haha. There’s more things I want to sculpt, a few things today hopefully after I get some RL stuff done. Especially the peg dolls, those should be easy to make. Then I can get some textures done for them and that’ll save on prims too :)

Today is also Ozimals update day to 1.3! YEAH! In the notecard in the group notices (check my profile, you can join Ozimals group that way if you want. I’m only in one bunny group) The notecard even mentions a website or something they’re doing too, I don’t think it’s ready for today though. But it’ll be a way to track pedigree and stuff. Oh how fun! I hope it’s tracked what’s been done too, I’d like to know the history of Chewy and Nomalina. Then I can make some family trees to frame and hang in my house and in their room in the attic (they move into the attic today hehe)! There’s also something about bunnybury but I am not sure what that is, it seems like you turn your bunnies into it and get something like tokens/points in return to spend on stuff in the bunnybury shop? Don’t quote me on any of this, I do not really know for sure.

I am excited that bunnies can still eat 1.2 food too, but I am not really sure what’s up with it exactly. I think someone said if they’re on 1.2, you got 3 days to update and 10 days if they on 1.3 food? What happens after the days end, do they start eating all mah stuff and pooping on my pillow? VALLA Update your bunnies! Just in case they start making yellow snow. Don’t know how yet, but I’ll IM you later with info. I think it’ll require us to buy a free totem on XStreet though. Ozimals chat is confusing haha :)

I have all five nests going now, that’s why renovations are later today. I can’t move the nests and I need to be sure there’s room for them to do their thing! *shakes the nest a little* GET OUT OF THERE, BUNNY!

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