Catbox Manor is ready to see!

22 Jun

Catbox Manor, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I invite you to visit Catbox Manor!

I’ve still a bit of small sculpting work to do so things will be added/changed out as I get the rest done. But even still, you’re welcome to come see!

The shop is set up on floors 2 and 3, the gallery on floor 1. Teddy, the bunnies, and I all live up in the attic now. The 7seas fishing is still there, of course!

The MM board is active again, up on the 3rd floor. No teleporter to click to get to it, just fly. You is capable hehehe

I put out four pieces of old art that haven’t been on display in a while. Three RL works of art and one photograph that I really like, in addition to some of the steampunk SL art is still displayed too. I’ll be switching it out probably mid to late July to different things.

The crime scene isn’t on display yet, working on the next scene! :)

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