Processing more evidence

21 Jun

Processing more evidence, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Start with Photo #1 to follow the case!

*pushes glasses up with a paw*

The body is still here! How is it they cannot haul this off yet!? Catbox Manor will end up being haunted at this rate!

Arrived today to get photos and collect more evidence. So far what we have is, from left to right.. DNA, shard of something blue, a vial of blood for testing, the murder weapon, and the cookies in the apron pockets. Normally, we would eat cookies but uh.. these are um… ewww gross. They’re off a dead PegDoll, don’t be tacky!

*snaps extra photos just in case they’re needed*

We’re missing something…. PegDoll#5 still insists on her innocence.

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