hehe all set!

21 Jun

hehe all set!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Here we are with our press passes! I have a version of Teddy wearing a camera too, for those times in which there’s just THAT much to take photos of!

press pass base from www.flickr.com/groups/flickrblackpresspass/

The metal clip used on the press passes are from Bejambles, yay Cory!

Camera from Tooter Claxton on XStreet
Nerd Glasses by Chaffro Schoonmaker

Edit the press pass up in GIMP (or whatever photo program you know how to use), you can change the text (it comes with the fonts used) and add your own photo :) If you Google, you can find other variations too.. not just Flickr ones but other kinds as well.


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