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Processing more evidence

21 Jun

Processing more evidence, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Start with Photo #1 to follow the case!

*pushes glasses up with a paw*

The body is still here! How is it they cannot haul this off yet!? Catbox Manor will end up being haunted at this rate!

Arrived today to get photos and collect more evidence. So far what we have is, from left to right.. DNA, shard of something blue, a vial of blood for testing, the murder weapon, and the cookies in the apron pockets. Normally, we would eat cookies but uh.. these are um… ewww gross. They’re off a dead PegDoll, don’t be tacky!

*snaps extra photos just in case they’re needed*

We’re missing something…. PegDoll#5 still insists on her innocence.


hehe all set!

21 Jun

hehe all set!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Here we are with our press passes! I have a version of Teddy wearing a camera too, for those times in which there’s just THAT much to take photos of!

press pass base from

The metal clip used on the press passes are from Bejambles, yay Cory!

Camera from Tooter Claxton on XStreet
Nerd Glasses by Chaffro Schoonmaker

Edit the press pass up in GIMP (or whatever photo program you know how to use), you can change the text (it comes with the fonts used) and add your own photo :) If you Google, you can find other variations too.. not just Flickr ones but other kinds as well.

Press pass photo for teddy too

21 Jun

haha.. I am having fun with this, giggling a lot at my pc. Next up, to make our passes so we is all "official" hahahaha

Here’s Teddy’s photo that I’ll try to fit into a press pass so he can wear one too!

p.s. Chaffy! The glasses are being weird again, they’re just like before. I don’t mind it at all, but just so ya know.. they changed again :)

working on my press pass photo hehe

21 Jun

haha! making me and Teddy some press passes to wear for the fun of it.

The camera is free off xstreet by Tooter Claxton. You rock, Tooter! <3
Nerd glasses by Chaffro Schoonmaker, yay Chaffypants!
Ladybug and paw flowers by me! :)… (for the camera)

The case continues

21 Jun

The case continues, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

OOPS! This one goes before the Prisoner Escaped photo!

After further investigation and a couple of suspicious witnesses, we’ve returned to the scene of the crime. Kept pristine by way of police tape.

You see police tape, you no touchies.

The victim had several small objects in her apron pocket.

Prisoner escape!! HALT HALT!

21 Jun

*licks paws in thought* This case is just a real puzzler. After having arrested PegDoll#5, she wailed and weeped, shouting her innocents through the bars. She insists that she did not stab PegDoll#2 with the kitchen knife.

Why, then, did she escape? Furthermore, why escape and then run right back to the scene of the crime? She was easy to spot, limping down the road, dragging the ankle ball behind her. She will likely also be charged with destruction of town property as there are now drag marks scraped all along the sidewalk.

She claims she is here to find proof of innocence. My gut says she’s innocent, Teddy’s gut says he’s hungry, scene says she’s guilty!

kitty wants puppy

21 Jun

kitty wants puppy, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

kitty got puppy!

I got the yellow one, might come back for the black one too!

This is the Summer Bazaar, lots of neat stuff for sale! Puppy’s only 50L each.