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A second visit?

20 Jun

A second visit?, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

SEE Photo #1 and photo #2 to follow the case!

Upon looking over the evidence gathered so far (which, I must admit, is not much at all) we felt it necessary to visit these two again. I believe they are faking and not really asleep though.

There is just something about these two that makes me wonder….

We’ll be back tomorrow.

Witnesses or suspects?

20 Jun

Witnesses or suspects?, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Having a chat with a couple local witnesses. They’re a bit hesitant about talking with us. Is it fear or is it guilt? Teddy feels sympathy for them, I on the other paw, think they are hiding something.

These two warrant more investigation in due time. They seem fishy, and not the nomable tasty kind. No, there’s something about these two bunnies. *smooths whiskers in thought. Indeed, something.

Sherlock Kitty is on the case

20 Jun

I arrived on the scene to find PegDoll#2 lying on the ground in a pool of red acrylic paint, with a large kitchen knife stuck in her side. I checked for a pulse, there was none.

As I arrived, PegDoll#5 was still standing by the body, paint on her foot, glaring at the victim. Did PegDoll#5 commit the crime, or is she merely in shock at the death of her friend? For all accounts and purposes, the two were best of friends, happy to move into Catbox Manor to be of help to the new residents.

When it turned out I had to investigate a crime in my own home, while it’s being built, I was stunned. Construction has been halted during the investigation.