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Tiny World Cup 5 to 5

19 Jun

Tiny World Cup 5 to 5, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.



19 Jun

INCOMING!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Awor saved it! YEAH!

Soccer Us vs ElfClan – Shire

19 Jun

Final score was 5 to 5!

Lesson: Making animated brushes in GIMP

19 Jun

Can’t sleep so I got up to do something fun rather than mope because I feel too yucky to get any rest. I’ve wanted a brush that follows my mouse (like for stitches) and also one that will randomly, if I mouse click one by one will rotate the direction of the brush design. I think I’ve got it now sort of. It doesn’t seem to random on single clicks easily, more like I click and drag till I see one.. then release, and repeat. If you have any suggestions on how to make it react instantly on a mouse click, please help! :) I want to be able to throw down paw prints or word brushes exactly where I want them but in a random direction.


But the follow the mouse is good!

I’ve a few tips for you!

Read on, it’s a long post with links to all sorts of good info!
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Lori InWorldz June 18 Wings

19 Jun

wait, before bed!!

This is in InWorldz!

I uploaded my wings that I have in SL over in one of the cat booths, so I could wear them in InWorldz too :)

Not quite a kitty but getting closer!

Lori InWorldz June 18 hehe

19 Jun


I make myself laugh a lot tonight.

This is on InWorldz, not SL. This is the best I can do with the freebie skins available, and I’m too cheap to use my 50 I’z$ (it’s like $L) that I started with to upload a better and more young skin.

I am more childAV sized now, less grown up av yay! I’ll be tiny soon enough, so the skin won’ tmatter anyway.

This one had the least makeup of the ones I tried on, still a lot though!

But hah, the face.. It’s my “I’m watchin’ you” face.. cause Karms probably gonna pawchop me in both worlds now! I gotta quick quick build Teddy in InWorldz too! He can battle it out with her while I go build fun stuff. Maybe build a box to keep Karma in so we all safe. haha!!

Not tonight though, too sick and too tired, time to go try and read. But at least I had a good laugh tonight, should always laugh every day even if your throat hurts really bad!