InWorldz, are you there?

17 Jun

Hello? You there?

If you are, you can friend me :) (edit to add: I am Lorimae Undercroft there as well)

I am hanging out in the Freebie Building at the moment. My creation date was in April but today is my first logon day. It feels so weird and actually a bit uncomfortable because I am having an adult aged avatar. It’s weird because I spend my time as a childav or a tiny! I haven’t gotten very far in the building so I don’t know if maybe there’s one or both of those around. I cannot recall if there were rules against childavs though, so I need to read up on that before I go wandering around as one.

Good news is, Eloh Eliot’s bases are in world, bad news is they’re very eyelinery. (You know, heavy on the eyeliner) I’ll have to read her rules before I proceed, but I can always just edit her bases she offers up and upload my own!

Eloh Eliot Base REsources

There you go, read the rules she has before you edit and upload to any world okay? Do the right thing <3

I has 50 i'z hehe, (like $L only.. InWorldz cash) so how fun is that! I can upload stuff haha!

I hope there is a sandbox so I can build in, I would very much like to try that out later today.


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  1. Maxwell WIldcat July 11, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Nice site Lorimae. TINY INVASION

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