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Added new textures :)

17 Jun

Three new small boxed sets. They’re on the back wall. Dots in blue, purple, and green yay!

Lorimae’s Catbox on Morning Shire

Wishlist hehe

17 Jun

XStreet Wishlist

Does that link work? I dunno if it’s valid after June 30 though, when new market place is out

You can buy me stuff if you want haha


17 Jun

SL Marketplace update

Oh yay, it’s coming soon!

Chewy and Noms had a baby!

17 Jun


Harlequin – Fawn Magpie
Light Green eyes
Lop Ears

How yay for them <3 That makes 5 so far. Four are set for sale (dutch torties and english spot tortie), but not the latest one. I don't know what to price this one or if maybe I'll just keep it hehe. So for now, I keeps it as a bunny pie nest. Bunny nests are not pies, Boots! *sets up surveillance cams*

Lori InWorldz June 17 2010 Hair

17 Jun


You see this hair? This hair is the exact same hair I wore in my first month in SL waaaay back when. It makes me happy to be able to wear it in my first days here in InWorldz too haha

I colorized it in the other photo. When I started SL, I did not know I could colorize stuff, so I kept the red hair like it was. There is other hair too there is hmm Black Night? It is another I wore, especially after becoming a childav.. it’s long, straight black hair.. I wore it a lot too!

Lori InWorldz June 17 2010 Grown Up

17 Jun

Here’s what I came up with for now, too laggy to adjust avatar shape in the sim we start in. I have a LM to the sandbox now, if you need it lemme know and I’ll drop it on you. I think i twas called InWorldz Sandbox 4.

I feel weird being all grown up.

Gonna have to work on this later, make me small!

I saw another ChildAv at the intro area right before region restart! I forget who it was now, but no one wigged out so I’m gonna go for it and make myself not grown up haha

InWorldz, are you there?

17 Jun

Hello? You there?

If you are, you can friend me :) (edit to add: I am Lorimae Undercroft there as well)

I am hanging out in the Freebie Building at the moment. My creation date was in April but today is my first logon day. It feels so weird and actually a bit uncomfortable because I am having an adult aged avatar. It’s weird because I spend my time as a childav or a tiny! I haven’t gotten very far in the building so I don’t know if maybe there’s one or both of those around. I cannot recall if there were rules against childavs though, so I need to read up on that before I go wandering around as one.

Good news is, Eloh Eliot’s bases are in world, bad news is they’re very eyelinery. (You know, heavy on the eyeliner) I’ll have to read her rules before I proceed, but I can always just edit her bases she offers up and upload my own!

Eloh Eliot Base REsources

There you go, read the rules she has before you edit and upload to any world okay? Do the right thing <3

I has 50 i'z hehe, (like $L only.. InWorldz cash) so how fun is that! I can upload stuff haha!

I hope there is a sandbox so I can build in, I would very much like to try that out later today.