Snowglobe issue or SL Sunday?

13 Jun

Is this happening to anyone else today? It’s something new for me

I’m on SnowGlobe 1.4 now for several days and I haven’t had this happen before.

Today I went into my shop and realized that the boxed textures over the vendors were gone. Not all of them, just the bottom row from the Tissue Paper to the Floral, one from the end. So I rezzed a Tissue Paper and got it aligned, then the dang thing vanished! I had it selected but it went completely clear.

I let go and…. where’d it go? I don’t know haha! (Well I know now, after relogging I had it perfectly aligned to the same decimal as the first haha)

So I rezzed a test cube and wrote down the coordinates so I could search for it later if it was going into the sky, relogged.. and bam.. there it is and so was all the boxes. Turns out I did rez them all (I truly could not remember if I’d put them all out over the vendors haha)

The test cube did the same thing when I rezzed it, it would go between being plywood and blank and after going out of edit window.. it was no longer there. It’s there now though after relogging.

Is this SnowGlobe or is this SL Sunday?

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