new stuff!

13 Jun

new stuff!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Four new texture sets!

Summer Cotton Candy (6 seamless)
Summer Berries (6 seamless)
Argyle 1 (13 seamless)
Plaid Pirates 1 (6 seamless)

All textures also available as singles on the other wall. Scroll through using the arrows, and you can use “TILE” on the vendor to see it tiled and click again to revert. If someone else has already clicked TILE you might need to click again hehe. Hope that made sense. It doesn’t reset on it’s own. :)

Some new sculpties today too!

Open Heart regular size and nano (nano is god for jewelry)
Heart container, use two prims of it and smash one for a lid!
Balloons, it’s one prim with two balloons. Like what holds my art up outside the shop
Cat head shape, just like my fishing dock

I’ll have the teddy head shape soon, I’ve been trying to figure out why it looked so odd in edit window. Wasn’t until I loaded it into the sculpts vendor that I figured it out. Something’s needing fixed hehe, maybe a pole or something. Not sure yet. I just know for sure something’s weird with it hehehe

MM Board
It has the heart container sculpt map for the next day or two, or until I get around to changing it out. :)

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