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Catten and the Background Check

13 Jun


Catten’s so cute <3 I think in the background that's Etheria hahaha


Eleanora Newell class

13 Jun

Eleanora Newell class, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

She taught us to create a sculpt that’d be 12x12x18 on a 12x12x20 megaprim. She did NOT teach us to make megaprims, she taught us how to fit the sculpt proportionally :)

I recommend the class yay!

I am not sure I fully understand what we did, but… I has a giant screw now! I will stick it on my land later, hold the place down!

It’s early and this made me giggle

13 Jun

Soooo did they move into this booth because they were already called Gallery Four, or did they move in then name their gallery… or did the sim owner shuffle the numbers around perhaps?

I don’t know! But I likes it!


13 Jun

Boots…., originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

"watching" or… not…..

new stuff!

13 Jun

new stuff!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Four new texture sets!

Summer Cotton Candy (6 seamless)
Summer Berries (6 seamless)
Argyle 1 (13 seamless)
Plaid Pirates 1 (6 seamless)

All textures also available as singles on the other wall. Scroll through using the arrows, and you can use “TILE” on the vendor to see it tiled and click again to revert. If someone else has already clicked TILE you might need to click again hehe. Hope that made sense. It doesn’t reset on it’s own. :)

Some new sculpties today too!

Open Heart regular size and nano (nano is god for jewelry)
Heart container, use two prims of it and smash one for a lid!
Balloons, it’s one prim with two balloons. Like what holds my art up outside the shop
Cat head shape, just like my fishing dock

I’ll have the teddy head shape soon, I’ve been trying to figure out why it looked so odd in edit window. Wasn’t until I loaded it into the sculpts vendor that I figured it out. Something’s needing fixed hehe, maybe a pole or something. Not sure yet. I just know for sure something’s weird with it hehehe

MM Board
It has the heart container sculpt map for the next day or two, or until I get around to changing it out. :)

Snowglobe issue or SL Sunday?

13 Jun

Is this happening to anyone else today? It’s something new for me

I’m on SnowGlobe 1.4 now for several days and I haven’t had this happen before.

Today I went into my shop and realized that the boxed textures over the vendors were gone. Not all of them, just the bottom row from the Tissue Paper to the Floral, one from the end. So I rezzed a Tissue Paper and got it aligned, then the dang thing vanished! I had it selected but it went completely clear.

I let go and…. where’d it go? I don’t know haha! (Well I know now, after relogging I had it perfectly aligned to the same decimal as the first haha)

So I rezzed a test cube and wrote down the coordinates so I could search for it later if it was going into the sky, relogged.. and bam.. there it is and so was all the boxes. Turns out I did rez them all (I truly could not remember if I’d put them all out over the vendors haha)

The test cube did the same thing when I rezzed it, it would go between being plywood and blank and after going out of edit window.. it was no longer there. It’s there now though after relogging.

Is this SnowGlobe or is this SL Sunday?

Ladybugs thrive…

13 Jun

Ladybugs thrive…, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

on eye boogers.

Gramma taught!

13 Jun

Gramma prepping to teach, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This was taken earlier today before her class :)

Bunnies in love

13 Jun

Bunnies in love, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Awwww kissin’ in their sleep <3