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bunny sez: water, what!!

11 Jun

bunny sez: water, what!!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

haha.. Nomalina is so funny when she rezzes.
Chewy decided he likes the water, he’s asleep in it.


Renovating again yay

11 Jun

Renovating again yay, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Not fully happy with it, had to move the building a bit because it was turning out to be too much of a hassle to align my texture vendors up inside with it tilted cutely!

So .. bleh. haha

bath time for bunny

11 Jun

bath time for bunny, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I do not understand this

11 Jun

I have seen this a lot this past week where people will say something to the effect of:

“I don’t enter PG sims, EVER!”
“I won’t go to that shop, it’s a PG sim”
“I don’t join PG Flickr groups”
“People who live on PG sims creep me out”
“Too bad your shop is on PG, Lorimae. I’ll never go now that I know that.”


What? No really, lemme repeat it for lack of anything better to say in response “What?” There’s not even a good comeback that I can think of to say to that stuff when someone says it either directly to me, or in a group I am in.

It’s your second life, if you choose to skip PG sims.. hey, go for it. Just skip them, why make drama? Why be nasty and act as if it’s my fault that you’re unable to enter my shop, and that somehow magically if I’d change my land to “Mature” suddenly you’ll come visit? I doubt it. All you’re doing is stirring the pot. You know it riles people up, so most of the time, the only reason it’s stated is to ignite chat.

How is it that I am “creepy” for choosing a PG life? That’s insulting.

When asked about the random anti-PG statements, and why a person won’t enter PG, the answer is usually an insulting non-answer. Aimed at being hateful toward those of us who choose to live on PG lands and enjoy PG photo groups.

Rarely, but sometimes it’s someone who is merely making a statement of fact about their refusal to enter PG at that particular moment. No snarkiness involved, just simple fact. It’s not that they hate PG, nor do they find those of us on PG creepy, but that at that moment they are not dressed appropriately and for whatever reason are unable/unwilling at the time to change into something that covers certain body parts. That I can understand. I thank you for not showing up all nakie and standing around fishing like that haha

It’s the ones who act like PG land will somehow peel their skin off and dip them in a vat of high salt content water! I don’t get their reactions. I’ve tried to come up with some reason why this may be, but I just do not understand the pure hatefulness that comes from some people in regards to PG.

I will admit, I rarely enter Adult flagged land. I don’t hate it, I don’t think people on Adult land are creepy (okay, some actually are.. but not because they choose to live on adult lands hehehe), I don’t treat people who visit the adult lands with disrespect. I have my reason for not going. I just prefer to not randomly pop over to adult land to have several nekos humping one another as the first thing I rez haha. If a texture shop is in adult land, then yup I’ll probably go because the fact it’s on Adult land doesn’t automatically mean something “adult” is taking place.

Plus since I spend some time as a ChildAV, I fully understand people may react poorly to that style of avatar appearing in Adult land. I typically travel as a siamese Tiny for that reason, if I’m entering new lands especially. I usually only travel as a childav to sims I have scoped out previously. It’s less uncomfortable for me, and probably for the land owner as well.

PG land does not mean you must dress in a mumu and a bathrobe and then a full length winter coat to cover up fully. It does not mean you must dress in sweatpants/shirt, gloves, and a skimask to cover all skin. PG land also does not mean you must speak the Queen’s English either. Unless that’s just how you already spend your life in SL :)

Maybe all of this weird reactions some people have stems from not understanding how PG sims work? Put on a tshirt and some shorts if you’re nekkie and please don’t stand around in chat all cussing it up like a sailor gramma.

There’s a lot of beauty in the PG sims. Art galleries, concerts, cute worlds like the Shire.. by limiting yourself for whatever reasons you may have, you’re missing a lot of what I think is very fun stuff. I am sure I am missing a lot since I don’t travel around the Adult sims, but unless it’s pointed out as something I might like to see.. I typically don’t go exploring over on Zindra.

While I may not understand some people’s odd reactions about PG, I do respect your log in time is your own. I can respect your choices for where you go and where you don’t go. Your time is your time, do what is fun for you! If PG sims aren’t part of that equation, hey.. that’s totally okay.

What I cannot respect is those of you who sling the PG insults around like it doesn’t hurt anyone. Yeah I’ll admit, it upsets me sometimes. I’m sensitive I guess haha

But I’m not creepy.