Linden Restructuring

9 Jun

This is news all over: Linden Lab Restructures

This makes me sad. I am sad for those who lose their jobs, sad for those suddenly faced with a “what do I do now?” type of day. Sad for those who are still unsure if they have a job. Very scary.

In that article though, I am baffled by a statement:

First, the company aims to create a browser-based virtual world experience, eliminating the need to download software.

Say what? SL isn’t Runescape or Farmville. I like the viewer based experience. I’m confused. I am thankful that we have to keep in touch as Tinies. Should anything drastically change, at least we have communication that isn’t 100% SL dependent.

I can see now why I see other SL bloggers talking about InWorldz and BlueMars. I get the BlueMars e-mail, so I guess I have an account there haha. I think I might have an InWorldz one but I don’t know.

All of this is just confusing. There was one of those user surveys yesterday whenI logged on, I mentioned my worries of rumors of Linden’s quitting, of browser based, blah blah.. and then bam.. today look at this.

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