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Marketplace Linden too?

9 Jun

Pastebin Linden list

Marketplace Linden

Isn’t that the bot linden that pays us when stuff sells on xstreet?

*starts chewing aluminum foil nervously*

Oh wait pfft… Tiggs Linden is on the list too but he was online today as a Linden so maybe this list also includes ones who aren’t searchable since the last time whatever list they’re comparing this one to was made.

*sets the aluminum foil in a safe place, for later* Just in case…

Look!! I got blogged! :)

9 Jun

So what’s the most logical step to do now? I gotta blog that I was blogged in another blog! YES!

Tasha Kostolany – Tradewinds Blog

Guess what! That’s me! Guess what else! That’s mah boats! :)

Teddy’s glad he came along with me now.

Oh yay, what a fun birthday this has been hahaha!

Boat show at Tradewinds!

9 Jun

Boat show at Tradewinds!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

My boats are on display! :) Thanks Tasha <3

Go see the boats!

Time for a boat show

9 Jun

Time for a boat show, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Linden Restructuring

9 Jun

This is news all over: Linden Lab Restructures

This makes me sad. I am sad for those who lose their jobs, sad for those suddenly faced with a “what do I do now?” type of day. Sad for those who are still unsure if they have a job. Very scary.

In that article though, I am baffled by a statement:

First, the company aims to create a browser-based virtual world experience, eliminating the need to download software.

Say what? SL isn’t Runescape or Farmville. I like the viewer based experience. I’m confused. I am thankful that we have to keep in touch as Tinies. Should anything drastically change, at least we have communication that isn’t 100% SL dependent.

I can see now why I see other SL bloggers talking about InWorldz and BlueMars. I get the BlueMars e-mail, so I guess I have an account there haha. I think I might have an InWorldz one but I don’t know.

All of this is just confusing. There was one of those user surveys yesterday whenI logged on, I mentioned my worries of rumors of Linden’s quitting, of browser based, blah blah.. and then bam.. today look at this.

Water vanishes hehe

9 Jun

Water vanishes hehe, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I’m on SnowGlobe 1.3x, I am now downloading 1.4SnowGlobe hehe, one of the bug fixes mention water so hopefully that’ll fix this! A relog usually fixes it too.

Plus I’ll have planar texture alignment to play with!

That’s for later though. Right now, I have RL housework and exercise to get done before I settle in and nerd it up all evening on SL. Oh and I have to start a crochet project, finally found the right free pattern I want to make. Not SL related, but I’m pretty excited about finding it haha

I am gonna make me some sculpted crochet hooks in SL. I needs one to carry in mah paw. Teddy too, he can crochet his own sweaters from now on! Perhaps a ball of yarn too, but that I’m not sure exactly on how to make it just right.

Making a wish

9 Jun

Making a wish, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

on the birthday mouse cake Catten made me hehe!!

Thank you <3 <3

The mice are helping me eat the cake! YAY!

I was baffled why people were telling me happy birthday, total strangers even. Turns out they all know because Avatars United ratted me out! I hadn’t actually planned on telling anyone hehe

Thank you all for the birthday wishes <3 :) Making me smile a lot thank you!