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Busy day in SL!

8 Jun

I am pooped. Like I mean, RL tired from it all haha!

I worked on some sculpting, making myself a new bed! My old bed is sorta cruddy, but I am still proud of it as it was my first sculpted furniture! Now it’s time to put my recently learned skills to use and create something better, something big enough that Teddy won’t kick me out in the night ugh. I sleeps on the floor a lot!! About half done with that.

Then I wrote up a quick article for Chaffro, for the Shire Times. I’ve also been thinking about what can I write as a regular article for the Times. Without writers what’s the Times to do? It’s kind of silly to expect Chaffypants to do ALL the work. One person can’t do it! Well, he is pretty awesome and I am sure he could do it, but he shouldn’t have to. That’s the real point, he shouldn’t be all alone in this fun project.

So my first thing I worked on was some haiku for the paper! I have three written and done up on 512×512 to upload. I also worked on a store ad to put into it too. Then I have a two page spread of a recipe. It’s a standard internet recipe, but it’s one I truly love and make on occasion, even though I probably shouldn’t eat them at all haha!

I think that will be some of my contribution each time, poetry and a recipe. Something easy to fix up, but something nomalicious every time! I’d also like to contribute something else, but I don’t know what yet. I thought about maybe some short creative stories about Teddy. It’ll be fun! They can continue each time with yet another adventure, complete with pictures! Gotta run that by Chaffypants. :)

Then I worked out at Skidz on my land renovation project, it’s coming along nicely. Just a little bit more to do before I can pick up the current layout and drop the new one. I’m going all Silent Film style (black and white hehehe) I can’t quite figure out how to make it clear I am thinking “silent film” but.. eh.. you guys know me, it’ll probably not stay black and white for long before I recolor it haha.

I also put the textures into vendors so you can purchase them as singles too. Each vendor holds the textures from the corresponding boxed version. If it is missing a texture, let me know! I think I got them all sorted.


New wings! YAY!

8 Jun

New wings, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I added them in finally hehe You even gets a bug!

They are copy/mod/notrans

If you were subscribed to my Subscribe-o-matic.. you’d know already!

Want to know what I think is lame in a hunt?

8 Jun

Know what I think is lame? I’ll tell you.

I think it’s lame when vendors think it’s funny to put out several of the hunt items, to keep us in their store longer. Know what? It doesn’t work. Once I come across two fake ones, when every other shop leading up to yours in the hunt did not use fake out hunt objects.. I leave. I can only assume that you did not know how to put your stuff in the hunt object, gave it another try and failed again. Why waste my time, I saw one.. then actually saw another on the edge of my screen just as I was tping out. Your hunt object(s) don’t work.

In my opinion, it’s obnoxious for you to lay a bunch of fake ones around. Sure it doesn’t hurt you any if I leave and since I don’t name names in this post it won’t hurt your business any either. You’d likely not have gotten a sale from me anyway, since I’m not exactly the most spendy kitty on SL haha. But what about the people who would have bought had they not gotten frustrated trying to find it in your shop with all the fake outs stuck around?

It’s just lame. I don’t care if you give a hint, it could have arrows pointing at it even. You had fake ones out when no other shop in this hunt has. Laaaame.

Kitty says lame isn’t for noms.
Teddy says lame-o-rama
New wounded kitty says what? Lame, and someone gimmie a new bandaid.

If it’s the way the hunt runs, where all shops are doing it.. hey.. that’s the hunt’s rules, still a bit lame though hehe. But if that’s how the hunters are told from the start that it’s going to be then I have no complaints that I could possibly make. I know going into it what I’m in for. Thankfully many hunts these days offer us a LM list. For that, I thank all you hunt runners so very much <3

Without it, I would be stuck getting more and more irritated in that last shop or worse yet.. quitting and that would mean the other shops would not get my eyes seeing their neat products. That would be a losing situation for the shops after the one playing lame fake games.

p.s. I haven't said the word enough so let's get it all out o fmy system:
lame lame lame lame lame
lame lame lame lame lame
lame lame lame lame lame

k, I good now…. for now anyway!!

But as always, it's just my opinion and Teddy's too haha. Maybe I'm wrong, but you'll likely not convince me that I am. I think it's lame and that's all there is to it haha

This kitten is from the lucky board

8 Jun

I got it! I has my own little rescue kitty now. Teddy bandaged him up real good. Next, we’ll feed him and give him a name. Poor thing, he’s real tired.

From the lucky board (the one on the right) in Rouge Forest. This same board also has a baby otter in it, I haven’t scored that yet :)

He’s hard to see in this photo though, but it’s a little black kitty with a paw at his forehead and one arm wrapped in bandages. He also hasa little owie over his eye. Poor thing <3 <3

guess who!

8 Jun

guess who!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

wounded kitty plays guess-who! got him from the lucky board at Rouge Forest. This prize is in the left board, it changes every 10 minutes I think

Editing to add: He’s meant for a human like avatars to hug him so he faces outward. Doing that makes my inside guts pop out to hold him so instead I tossed him up on my head hehe!


8 Jun

hammy, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

he’s cute, he’s doing a little bit of movement too