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the baby otter

7 Jun

the baby otter, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

The board with the mouth kitty has another prize too, a cute shoulder baby otter!


lucky boards with kitties in them

7 Jun

They’re wounded kitties! One is a hug cat, and one is for carrying in your mouth :)

(i have another post to make with the other photo.. one sec..)

we has fish snowcone

7 Jun

we has fish snowcone, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Karmalicious made us kitties a fish snowcone today! Only after we acted all shocked that she hadn’t already made one.

She has I think.. berry, umm orange, maybe blue, and yellow snowcones. I dunno if the yellow is lemonade or um.. something else. So, yes….. you can go try it and let me know!

this is salmon, it’s nomtastic.

Hunts! I love them! A Jabberwocky Prize

7 Jun

I shrinked them to as small as possible! They are nano, so very small. There is 3 sizes of petals/centers so you don’t have to go wee tiny either.

Jabberwocky is in 4 hunts, so when you there for this prize be sure to find the other three! (This was posted June 7, 2010 so at a later date this might not be correct hunt count info hehe) This set is a few sculpts from the Mad Pea hunt prize, it’s flower petals and centers!

I will make good use of these this week for some jewelry! Yay!

I also spent some of my gift card at Bejambles today. I think I only has 2 linden left on it hehe *weeps*. Cory makes good stuff too. I already had the beads, and I have the clasp thingies too, so now I have his new bead caps! I made two bracelet styles today. One set for human wrists and one set fits my kitty wrist. They’ll be for the Gone Fishin’ hunt! We got info about it this week yay!

If you have a fishing spot and want to be in the Gone Fishin’ hunt, check my profile and join the group, then read the notice, and do what it says. Be real quick about it though. I don’t know when deadline is. She gave us a set of beautiful textures to work with, to use on our builds.

I like to make jewelry, I just never put much of it up for sale. Same with everything I make, I just don’t bother to box it hehe. I hate the whole photograph it, box it, figure out a price, hope someone realizes I put something new in my shop.. it’s boring. Building more stuff is more fun. I need to convince my husband that he would have great fun making my vendor ads and boxing my stuff up for me. yesss…….. *rubs paws together* I has a plan.

I am working my way along in the SSBH hunt, I am up to shop 45! I had to skip two, I could not find them but I’ll go back another time and look. Maybe it just wasn’t rezzing for me. The clues don’t make sense and I can’t tell if the object is actually in the shop or if it’s randomly elsewhere, or if it’s just simply not out.

Then the TextureManiacs hunt is coming soon, I has my stuff ready to upload yay!