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Dude, it lags my adventures up!

6 Jun

Oh man, it is bad today in SL!

I worked on some textures today, but with the lag I am afraid to risk uploading tonight. Bleh! I am planning a shop renovation soon too. I had planned to work on it some but it’s just too laggy for building no matter what sim I am at. I have seen something in a few texture shops now where they use a vendor rather than a box. You can purchase the textures single, choosing only what you want.

So my plan is to implement this in my shop. Each set would instead be in a vendor, you can scroll through and then buy the colors you want and skip the ones that make you gag haha! With the vendor I am using from KinEx, you can also click “TILE” and you can see it 2×2, click it again and it goes to standard 1×1. It lets you see just how it will repeat! :) You can also be sure whether or not something is seamless.

There’s been SO many times I am at a texture shop and I want maybe a lace texture from a set of 20, or a cute kitty themed texture that’s in a set of animals or something. I can’t just buy the one I want, I’d have to pay up for the entire box so instead I just skip it.

Right now I think there’s three KinEx vendors up, there’s more than one texture set in each of them. After I renovate, each vendor will be one set, I think. We’ll see. The vendor is only one prim, so it’s no different than if it was boxed. Just that if you want the whole set, you’ll need to pay, scroll, pay, scroll, pay (and so on)

Know what I mean, vern? hehehehe