3 Jun

Today I’m working on textures. I am finding that this new GIMP release loads a lot slower than the previous version. It’s not excessively slow to load though, just something I’ve noticed. It crashes less though, so I am really happy about that! I’ve only had one crash this past week and I don’t think that was GIMP so much as just my PC was in need of a reboot. Repeated SL crashes that afternoon made things run badly hehe

I’ve got a set created this afternoon. You’ll have to wait till July to see it though! *points and laughs at you* hehehe It is for the TextureMania hunt. Yippie! I am going to be semi-afk for a few days around July 4th I think, but I’ll get my hunt stuff set up and get a few people to test it for me before I go. I’ll have e-mails, and if I absolutely need to.. I can always install SL on my in law’s PC. I haven’t managed to convince my father in law that SL would be a great use of his time haha, but I do send him snapshots sometimes of fun things I’ve built or of my avatar. He’s all like.. oh how neat (in a way that you know he’s all probably like “what the heck is this crap?”) haha He’d be a good tiny, I think. He is funny! My mother in law is too busy to do SL right now, but when she retires eventually.. she’s said she’ll give it a try :)

I’m also going to create another set in preparation for when the next Gone Fishin’ hunt is. I don’t know when that is, no info’s been released but I want to be prepared so that I don’t have to rush around at the last minute to come up with a cute idea. I haven’t fully decided what design, but I have some ideas I’ve been working out in my head the last two weeks.

I think I also have another set that I haven’t uploaded/boxed yet. That’ll go up in Morning Shire whenever I get around to it. I need to check my inventory and my texture folder on my PC hehe.

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