Minimap is weird with a Marble Mouse

3 Jun

Is there a trick for the minimap in SnowGlobe 1.3.2 for those of us with Marble Mouse by Logitech? The scroll option does not work on the minimap. Being able to alt-scroll would be nice, someone suggested that on the SnowJira. The minimap got all weird after a few teleports so my settings are like this now on the 3 pre-set ones:

Zoom Far is quite far, that’s like looking at ants haha
Zoom Medium is really zoomed in close, closer than on 1.23 close
Zoom Close is insanely close, magnified even, I can see your brain.

I found this: SNOW-132

This is from last year though.

I have a marble mouse. Thankfully, I do have another mouse. I had to hook a second one up for doing my Blender lessons. I love my marble mouse, but the scroll on it is weak and pretty well useless. I like the marble for full time use, and the other is a normal type mouse for only if I have to use it hehe

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