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Give one hunt prize per avatar script

3 Jun

Gift Giver Script @ Chimerafire

YAY! Took some searching for the right keywords to find it. I tried give contents to one avatar, hunt script giver, give gift hunt single, hunter script single prize, finally… I ended up at that blog :) Hopefully anyone else searching the random keywords I tried will find either that blog, or this entry and be able to head that way too.

During hunts I sometimes see where the prize will only give one per avatar. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Not sure what the general opinion of that is though. I don’t know if hunts usually have rules against using them in your object, but I was thinking about dropping it into the prim for the hunt coming up. I’d rather not have people mass clicking then feeling as if it is acceptable to just “give away the extras since I can’t use them!” Nono, it doesn’t work like that. Your friend can have one if they come do the hunt too, you can’t just give away the extras that you purposely clicked to get.

It irritates me when people repeatedly buy a hunt item over and over. One hunt, I had someone buy the tiny dress prize something like 24 times. What for? It was no transfer and she wasn’t a tiny anyway. Given her profile, I was surprised she’d even step foot on PG land! Her profile was… shocked cat is shocked. It’s why I don’t do many hunts. People like that irritate me with their rude repeated taking. It shouldn’t bother me probably, but dang it.. it does haha

Accidents happen of course, lag maybe eats a prize, a person forgets they were at a shop and goes again. I’ve most certainly ended up with double, sometimes maybe triple of the prize due to lag or stopping in my hunt list. Then returning because I couldn’t remember if I had been there. Normally that’s because the shop owner misnames their hunt item. Tsk tsk! That’s not the same as having 24 “accidents”! If it don’t deliver the first two times, hello… it’s probably not delivering due to SL issues, so try later!

Edit to add: Hmm, I think both the Group and General script are the same on that site. The general one seems to require me to be wearing the same tag as I had on when I rezzed the box I was testing it in. I think it’s supposed to not need a group tag? I’ll give it another try tomorrow. I hate to bother Chimera about it, especially if it might just be a simple mistake on my part. If you give it a try, let me know how it worked for you? I might just be toooo sleepy tonight hehe :)


3 Jun

Meow, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Minimap is weird with a Marble Mouse

3 Jun

Is there a trick for the minimap in SnowGlobe 1.3.2 for those of us with Marble Mouse by Logitech? The scroll option does not work on the minimap. Being able to alt-scroll would be nice, someone suggested that on the SnowJira. The minimap got all weird after a few teleports so my settings are like this now on the 3 pre-set ones:

Zoom Far is quite far, that’s like looking at ants haha
Zoom Medium is really zoomed in close, closer than on 1.23 close
Zoom Close is insanely close, magnified even, I can see your brain.

I found this: SNOW-132

This is from last year though.

I have a marble mouse. Thankfully, I do have another mouse. I had to hook a second one up for doing my Blender lessons. I love my marble mouse, but the scroll on it is weak and pretty well useless. I like the marble for full time use, and the other is a normal type mouse for only if I have to use it hehe

Playing with SnowGlobe

3 Jun

At first I didn’t see much different other than the hassle of turning popups off for certain things. I think it seems to be missing a button that would let me turn off a popup one at a time. Instead, I had to turn them all off then enable certain ones. Maybe it’s like that in 1.23.. I forget. Then I fixed my AFK timeout, poked around in debug until I managed to get my chat history to show chat from all the other tabs, and adjusted some various settings. Stuff I gotta do on regular viewer too.

Then I started noticing some new stuff. I really like the “worn” tab! That’s great, sure beats trying to find stuff when typing “worn” and getting all kinds of worn textures, worn jeans, worn this, worn that.. nothing that I’m actually wearing hehe

There is a Translate Chat option too! Check this out. I type my word, and it automatically puts the translation behind it in parenthesis. How neat is that? If I speak in English, it doesn’t translate it. I don’t know if only I see this, or if this is showing for everyone.

[14:28] Lorimae Undercroft: hello
[14:28] Lorimae Undercroft: hola (hello)
[14:28] Lorimae Undercroft: guten tag (good day)
[14:28] Lorimae Undercroft: gut morgen (good morning)
[14:28] Lorimae Undercroft: como estas (how are you)

Woohoo, after several teleports I finally found a sim full of people who do not speak English primarily! I found an Italian sim full of people having a rezday party, happy rezday to you whoever this was for! When they spoke, it translated for me! :) Of course, the translate option also tries to translate the various silly gesture words too.. but at least now when I am in a Japanese sim I will know when people are telling me I am cute or telling me to take a hike haha

But, without a few more tests.. I can’t be sure if it was translating automatically or if the two or three I saw speaking were also using SnowGlobe. Most everyone was just using English based gestures. I thought Tinies were noisy with gestures, wow you guys were really outdoing us haha!

If everyone had this option, SL would be even better I think. It’d bridge the language barrier just a little bit more!


3 Jun

Today I’m working on textures. I am finding that this new GIMP release loads a lot slower than the previous version. It’s not excessively slow to load though, just something I’ve noticed. It crashes less though, so I am really happy about that! I’ve only had one crash this past week and I don’t think that was GIMP so much as just my PC was in need of a reboot. Repeated SL crashes that afternoon made things run badly hehe

I’ve got a set created this afternoon. You’ll have to wait till July to see it though! *points and laughs at you* hehehe It is for the TextureMania hunt. Yippie! I am going to be semi-afk for a few days around July 4th I think, but I’ll get my hunt stuff set up and get a few people to test it for me before I go. I’ll have e-mails, and if I absolutely need to.. I can always install SL on my in law’s PC. I haven’t managed to convince my father in law that SL would be a great use of his time haha, but I do send him snapshots sometimes of fun things I’ve built or of my avatar. He’s all like.. oh how neat (in a way that you know he’s all probably like “what the heck is this crap?”) haha He’d be a good tiny, I think. He is funny! My mother in law is too busy to do SL right now, but when she retires eventually.. she’s said she’ll give it a try :)

I’m also going to create another set in preparation for when the next Gone Fishin’ hunt is. I don’t know when that is, no info’s been released but I want to be prepared so that I don’t have to rush around at the last minute to come up with a cute idea. I haven’t fully decided what design, but I have some ideas I’ve been working out in my head the last two weeks.

I think I also have another set that I haven’t uploaded/boxed yet. That’ll go up in Morning Shire whenever I get around to it. I need to check my inventory and my texture folder on my PC hehe.

Seth hugs Teddy haha

3 Jun

Seth hugs Teddy haha, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.


Seth! Check your IMs and Inventory yay!

moved two walls

3 Jun

moved two walls, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

yay! moved two walls, easier to move around inside now :)

Also boxed up 3 recolors of my birdhouse cottage that I live in, they’re on the display near the single texture wall.