Modelling, revisited!

2 Jun

One L or two L’s? Neither one pops up in the spell check as a mistake hehe!

YAY! I see another in event search to teach how to be models. Don’t you think I’d be a cute model? I could carry catboxes down the runway. Strut my stuff, juicebox nearby for added cuteness. Teddy can hold it when I’m getting photos taken! Cover of Cat Fancy magazine. That’s a dream there! CAT FANCY!! <3

Oh yes. Then to sabotage the other models, I'll roll around and shed fur so their clothes look horrid! Yesss…. cat hair, your arch nemesis. I'll maybe leave a hairball in the shoes of the models who have the worst attitude too. Put your foot in that, missy. Next time, don't be all dissin' on my fleas.


Yes, I could most certainly be a model.

Hah, how funny.. I has a category already for my model posts. I didn't remember making one :)

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