Hybrid Hunt and SL’s Star Builders Hunt

2 Jun

First there is the Hybrid Hunt. I just started it, it starts off at Trashtastic! They are in a lot of hunts so if you look around (there’s hints by the door) you can score a lot of treasure. I haven’t looked at the prizes yet so I don’t really know what I got haha. I just know I got a lot of stuff! Be sure you know what prize you’re clicking the next LM in too, or you’ll end up on a different hunt hehe

Hybrid Hunt Official Blog
Starting Location
Some Hybrid Hunt Hints

Then there’s also a really great one for builders, the SL’s Star Builders Hunt (SSBH)

Starting Location for SSBH at USC
SSBH Official Blog with LM and Hints

It’s a bit tricky at some shops, you need to really work your camera skills! The group for the hunt is good too, they’re really helpful last night when I had trouble with a LM. <3 Plus I recognize some of them from the MM for Creators group hehe!

I also recommend you keep an eye on the SL-Schnaeppchen blog in case she posts photos :) Don’t know if she’s on these two hunts, but I enjoy the photos she posts. She has some pictures from the Believe hunt as well that I saw this morning. Yay! I plan to do that one to get a few of the prizes she posted.

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