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Art walk is over

30 May

Noooo <3

If you didn't get to see the art, it sucks to be you! I mean.. wait, wait, no that slipped out.. I meant to say something else!! Lemme do that again.

*pats a paw gently on your face* It'll be okay, cause we gonna do it again next year okay? So don't cry no mores, yer makin' mah paw wet. It's okay, 2011 isn't that far away. Really, mah paw… it has a wetness now from yer tears. So stop!!

It was fun, always good art!

Thank you Teal Freenote and Zayn Till for all your hard work to make this a special event for us all <3 Thanks to all the artists who braved up and showed their work, I enjoyed seeing it all!

Next year we show art again…. ON A HEDGE!!!

P.S. Clean your stuff up at Art Walk if you showed, it’s pickup time tonight and Monday. That way you do not risk losing it if it gets returned to you and lost on the way to your inventory!


sad kitty artwalk poem

30 May

sad kitty artwalk poem, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

art walk is over,
my art is picked up.
sad kitty says sadly,
goodbye to the hedge!

<3 <3 <3

See you next time, hedge!

GIMP 2.6.8 is out

30 May

If you’re a GIMP user, I saw a new update tonight. I was still on 2.6.6. I should have updated sooner, 2.6.7 fixed my crash issues apparently!

Can’t sleep, so I’m playing with GIMP instead.