Texturing today

27 May

I’ll be on the Beta server for a while today, working on some texturing. Today the Sandbox 5 is pretty busy. Looks like most are just prim building and not script testing yay! Aww too bad, when I rez my 6.0 Sculpt Studio mat, it doesn’t update hehe. I thought maybe it might but that’s okay, I think that there wasn’t too much different between 6.0 and what we’re at now.. bsplines maybe, subsculpts too. It’ll be okay for my purposes of today’s alien tune up! :)

Kaine already saw my alien for the sculpt studio contest. I saw his too, it’s totally awesome! It is so neat how we both went off in random directions with the same exact instructions. I cannot wait to see what others do :)

I decided my alien definitely needs texturing because the eyes aren’t noticeable like they need to be, so if I do that.. I might as well decorate the tail and the feet, an dmaybe the ears. haha

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