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New textures!

27 May

I’ve put two new packs in the shop tonight. :)

I have another set I’ll upload and get put out tomorrow possibly. Going to change out the MM board a bit, but I don’t think I’ll be up when midnight ticks over and I’m too tired to force the board and do it now. So it’ll be offline until tomorrow evening probably because I has some RL stuff I gotta do in the daytime.



Two new texture boxes!

27 May

Two new texture boxes!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Floral 1 seamless, without shadowing


Floral 1 NOT seamless, WITH shadowing

Gonna change the MM board tomorrow unless I’m still up at Midnight SL to fix it then. Still finding the right target. So if I"m not up, it’ll go into unavailable mode until I get to it :)

Space Kitty for Sculpting Contest VII

27 May

Just turned it in!

The contest said to build something extraterrestrial, and this is what I came up with. All parts had to be made in Sculpt Studio with notecards turned in to prove it.

Space Kitty is from a planet where everything’s cute <3 <3 <3

He’s got heart shaped eyes on eyestalks, a heart on the end of his tail, cute wings, wiggly legs, and he’s SHINY!

I think I’ll put a vehicle script in him so I can fly him around the grid :)

Animations for SL in Blender?

27 May

Neat! Blender Animation Tutorial

Didn’t try it yet, didn’t actually read it all the way. Passing it along anyway in case it’s useful to someone else long before I get around to trying it! Over on a SLU forums thread, someone asked about using Poser and Vaelissa posted a Blender link. Thank you for sharing!

I am still on my slow quest to learn Blender. Eleanora suggested I google Blender Trail, and also download Jass 2.0 from the same site.

(edited the post) I figured it out hehe!

Texturing today

27 May

I’ll be on the Beta server for a while today, working on some texturing. Today the Sandbox 5 is pretty busy. Looks like most are just prim building and not script testing yay! Aww too bad, when I rez my 6.0 Sculpt Studio mat, it doesn’t update hehe. I thought maybe it might but that’s okay, I think that there wasn’t too much different between 6.0 and what we’re at now.. bsplines maybe, subsculpts too. It’ll be okay for my purposes of today’s alien tune up! :)

Kaine already saw my alien for the sculpt studio contest. I saw his too, it’s totally awesome! It is so neat how we both went off in random directions with the same exact instructions. I cannot wait to see what others do :)

I decided my alien definitely needs texturing because the eyes aren’t noticeable like they need to be, so if I do that.. I might as well decorate the tail and the feet, an dmaybe the ears. haha

Yay again!

27 May

Yay again!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This time I got [K.O.} Soft Shimmer Silk – Seamless Fabrics

Itchy kitty is lucky!

I win!

27 May

I win!, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

From Framelight yay!
[K.O.] Midnight Special – Springtime Silks – Seamless


27 May

floating, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

the water keeps splashing up in this thing, it is not pleasant

plus, my ear still itches and now it is wet too