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hah a dress too

26 May

hah a dress too, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

works as a dress too!

haha, vet trip

26 May

haha, vet trip, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

sculpting a prim and it also works so i stop scratching my ear so much!

it itches

Deadwood is so much fun

26 May

I’ve laughed so much that I set off my RL asthma!

Here for a tour tonight as listed in the Education search, talk about awesome! I never knew they did these tours! I recommend searching events for Deadwood and attending one sometime :) It’s totally worth the time spent.

They were so great, including me (as a childav) into the RP! So don’t feel like you can’t go if you’re a childav, but you must be 7 or older I believe. You can go to the OOC area there and check the rules so you have maximum fun. Dress as best you can to period clothing, they even told me they do have child sized free clothes that’ll fit the sim if you need them. Not sure where they are though, since I had my own that I sewed myself, already. I assume they are there at the Fort though somewhere.

This was truly a spectacularly fun evening for me. The RP is so much fun, they’re really funny and entertaining. They’re all quite good at this, but don’t feel like you need to stay away if you aren’t comfortable with your own RP skills. I did not say very much and still had a blast! Just don’t go all talking about LOST and breaking out with a ford escort to drive around ya know?

The tour started off with gathering everyone up in the OOC, go ahead and click for the meter and the rules (when you TP in the little cell, come out and look over the constable’s head. There’s three signs) I forget what the third sign is though. Then you’ll be prepared.

We met a couple “ladies” who heckled us a little. I saw a drunk wander down the road, I think but I’m not sure, that we met this same man later panning for gold. I like him, he was funny and educational! I am sure I can learn a lot by listening to him as he pans for gold. He seemed quite wise. We met a couple other merchants, one of which was offering jobs to the ladies… until he noticed I was there! hehehe “Jobs” to be “Ladies” hehehe!!

I took a RP class there last month and had a great time, but hadn’t wanted to join into Deadwood yet. Partly I had no proper clothes at the time, but now I do since I made a dress (oops yes.. I need to box up and recolor for you Valla haha!). Plus, I didn’t feel comfortable joining up when I hadn’t actually seen them in action. Now I have and I had a super fun time. I wasn’t sure if I could RP there either, because I don’t know anything about Deadwood. My knowledge of that era comes from watching Little House on the Prairie. But as to Deadwood itself, I know zilch. They do offer a library full of notecards though, so I can read up and become educated about all the aspects going on. So at that time I felt very uncomfortable in joining a RP that I knew nothing about!

We stopped off and had food at the California (as you see in the photos in previous entries) and that was fun. There even was an old man that dropped his pants and show off his flannel longjohns! AAH! Somehow, I am thinking that Miss Bluebird is gonna call that an “accident” with the coffee on the man’s lap… complete with quotes haha!! He did kind of have a reason to be droppin’ his trousers but still.. it made for fun RP too trying to not see and giggle about it haha!

The other ladies were heading onto the Number 10, but I was getting tired in RL so I said my goodbyes and thank you’s and wandered out into the street to TP away

It is so much fun there and I’ll be honest, I was wary as to how they’d RP with a childAV around but they did very good! I was not at all uncomfortable, at any time. It was all done so very well, and so fun. It was interesting and so funny as the RP evolved and changed with the presence of a “child” there. I was told there are other children too, but I am not sure if that meant there are other childAVs or if it was a RP thing kind of referencing non existent residents created for storyline purposes.. know what I mean? :)

Not only that, there’s a Deadwood newspaper online in blog format, it’s way super funny. You have got to subscribe so you never miss any new articles. I laugh every time I read it.

The Road to Deadwood

This was a truly spectacular adventure, quite possibly one of the best adventures I’ve been on in recent days :) Laughed and smiled the entire time, something I was definitely in need of.. a really good laugh.

So thank you Deadwood residents! <3 You ladies and gents are fun!

The California

26 May

The California, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Having noms at The California

26 May

Woo! It’s pot pie night, and Miss Bluebird gave me some milk too, and there’s cranberry/apple cobbler!

Here we are eating our potpie.. visualize the food haha!!

This is all during the Deadwood tour they’re holding tonight :) It’s quite fun actually, they’re really a fun (and very funny) group to RP with so far. I especially loved the creek drunk and the two guys who keep trying to offer “jobs” to the ladies haha. I laugh a lot during this tour :)

Panning for gold

26 May

Panning for gold, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Blitzer Renfold, findin’ himself some gold (hopefully)

He says he only drinks tea, but I think that he’s the same man I saw all stumblin’ and bumblin’ down the road earlier during the Deadwood tour. Can’t be for sure ya know, but.. yah.. I think he was drinkin.

He was pretty funny!

Hangin’ out in Deadwood

26 May

Deadwood 1876 tour

26 May

Deadwood 1876 tour, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

See them ladies against that building back there? I think maybe.. just maybe.. they is the wrong kind of ladies to hang out with! I don’t know but I think I maybe is right on this one!