Subsculpts in sculpt studio

23 May

Trying to move on with the day and not think about that which upsets me. So let’s talk about sculpties! I think I understand subsculpts now! Maybe not 100% but, I think that I get it pretty good. I just need to actually try it out now hahaha

Eleanora’s class was super laggy with something like 40 of us trying to rez haha. That was a fun adventure. We moved to another sim and just she taught us, no rezzing by us. I highly recommend all of her classes (Eleanora Newell). She teaches at various locations on various days. Plus she’s a tiny AND she lives 2 doors down from me on Morning Shire <3

So she showed us how to make a subsculpt by building the sculpty, that uses only a portion of your slices. Make the rest poles and put them down toward the sculpt. I'm not sure why exactly. I guess so they're unused? Then showed us how to make the subsculpt's sculpty for use in the plugin. It's confusing to type so I can only imagine it's confusing to read. Then she showed us how to put spikes on a cat collar. Neat!

I want to work on my flowers. I think with subsculpt, it will be far easier to make the little daisies I like to wear, and make them in one or two prims rather than several like they are now.

She did some trick with making the box for the sculpty, you know the box right? The one with the rainbows on it that you do "Edit Frame" to get? Well she stretched it, and I'm not sure how she knew how far to do it. I missed that, but I think so that it's basically across to the opposite side so that it's making a pivot basically. Then the sculpt can rotate around, at least that is what I understood.

So that's all for that right now, I'll get photos as I work on some subsculpt based projects so you can see the progress :)

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