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I love SLUniverse!

23 May

SLU has SnapZilla (pictures), great forums, and now I realize they have classifieds too. I rarely venture out of the General SL forum, but I need to venture out more apparently!

Lori’s Blue Mix 1 as a classified there

Neat! As I release new stuff, I make a new “thread” basically. There’s all kinds of new stuff released there. You don’t sell through that site, it’s not XStreet/onrez based. It’s just a classified ad. You link to your in world shop if you like, you link to xstreet or wherever you sell at online, upload a photo as an attachment (use the little paperclip) and bam!!

For that matter, you guys should also be using Raglan Shire’s classifieds too. Well, that is if it’s tiny based or you’re a tiny or something I guess. I mean if you sell stuff better meant for Zindra.. then yeah you probably shouldn’t be using Raglan Shire’s classifieds haha! There’s a setup on that you can use. Click, make your account if needed, and start letting us know of your updates. I’ve been neglecting using it myself, but I have been working on listing my textures and other stuff as I get to it. It is not an xstreet/onrez type program, nono.. it’s just ads is all! I don’t run it, I’m just a fan of it hehehe

So use it, the more of us that use it.. the more useful it becomes. Right? *shakes a paw fist angrily* Use it or clean my catbox! What’s it gonna be, huh?

It is super funny given a suggestion I sent to Zayn today, and now I realize SLU has this thread thing.. I didn’t know that earlier today haha! Brilliant :)

I don’t really advertise my stuff very well. I run a cheap classified in world, I blog, I take flickr photos. I don’t really know how people find my shop to be honest, but some people do. I list on XStreet again now that the crazy listing fees seem to be not happening. So any free advertising is worth taking a chance on! I’m also joining a hunt that runs in July too, that’s free and fun advertising.

I’m hoping to get more texture packs up in the shop before then, more variety is always good. Plus I need to create two special texture packs. One for the TextureManiacs hunt and one for a hunt I expect will happen again soon but haven’t heard officially yet.

Not sure what other steps to take, but I think word of mouth is always a good thing. I think that’s how people find my shop. Not sure though!

TheBlack Box stares

23 May

TheBlack Box stares, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

oblivious cat is oblivious

(Taken during TBB’s office hours)

Subsculpts in sculpt studio

23 May

Trying to move on with the day and not think about that which upsets me. So let’s talk about sculpties! I think I understand subsculpts now! Maybe not 100% but, I think that I get it pretty good. I just need to actually try it out now hahaha

Eleanora’s class was super laggy with something like 40 of us trying to rez haha. That was a fun adventure. We moved to another sim and just she taught us, no rezzing by us. I highly recommend all of her classes (Eleanora Newell). She teaches at various locations on various days. Plus she’s a tiny AND she lives 2 doors down from me on Morning Shire <3

So she showed us how to make a subsculpt by building the sculpty, that uses only a portion of your slices. Make the rest poles and put them down toward the sculpt. I'm not sure why exactly. I guess so they're unused? Then showed us how to make the subsculpt's sculpty for use in the plugin. It's confusing to type so I can only imagine it's confusing to read. Then she showed us how to put spikes on a cat collar. Neat!

I want to work on my flowers. I think with subsculpt, it will be far easier to make the little daisies I like to wear, and make them in one or two prims rather than several like they are now.

She did some trick with making the box for the sculpty, you know the box right? The one with the rainbows on it that you do "Edit Frame" to get? Well she stretched it, and I'm not sure how she knew how far to do it. I missed that, but I think so that it's basically across to the opposite side so that it's making a pivot basically. Then the sculpt can rotate around, at least that is what I understood.

So that's all for that right now, I'll get photos as I work on some subsculpt based projects so you can see the progress :)

eleanora class moves_001

23 May

eleanora class moves_001, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Now we move haha! We pretty much killed Builder’s Brewery, so now we advancing on Mystical Mastery’s mwahha….

Not sure if the people all made it to the new spot. I should have got the one of us underwater, our first drop location haha

lorimae at lag class heehee_001

23 May

so we have to de-rez our stuff in class cause uh… I think we almost killed the server (sorry about that if you got to be lagging too haha) and now we just waiting on lag to settle so Eleanora can teach us haha.


Here I am, being cute. It looks like my head is massive in this photo. Weird!

Gotta do stuff to not think about stuff! Funny photos is where it’s at, man!

Teddy in the cushions

23 May

Teddy in the cushions, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This was at the Town Hall meeting Zayn held :)

Which, btw.. I think was great. Don’t forget there’s another tonight at 4pm SL!

I sat to one side so another tiny wouldn’t have to sit on Teddy’s lap. Instead, he had a good time cramming himself into the cushions. He’s all cuddly there. <3

I am in class, shame on me for playing on the blog/flickr instead.. but it’s so laggy.. I’m not missing anything haha

Eleanora Newell teaching us subsculpts

23 May

This is SO LAGGY! hahaha

More laggy than any event I ever been to, oh wait maybe SLbirthday sims equal this.. but I dunno.. maybe not.. given most of us are de-lagged.

Except one person who is so blingy, they got bling on their eyeballs. That glitter in your eye must hurt. It makes Teddy sad.

I feel very cranky today. I will do good to not say more on bling in the eye at a laggy, laggy, laggy class. *jams a waffle in da mouf and noms instead*

(This is a repeat of her Subsculpt class, not a new “part 2” or anything)

Confused and troubled, I do not know what to think

23 May

I am very confused and actually troubled by some info I just heard. I want to clarify at the start this is not about any Tinies or any of the tiny health problems many of us suffer as of late <3 This is just another person in SL. Some may know who I mean, some may not. I am not going to call a name because I do not know 100% the truth and facts here. I can only go based off the sadness my own heart feels in this matter.

In fact, I almost posted something yesterday in relation to this basic topic. It was yesterday, before my heart became broken and confused though, I am glad I did not. It was to be a prayer request, but I suppose just the same.. I should request prayers because if any of this is true then maybe the person is not really all there if they think something like this is appropriate.

I am a real person. Sure, I am weird and I know it. How I am in SL is pretty much how I am in RL with the exception in RL, I don't say much at all. I am far too shy. I also have my own RL health problems so I am very sympathetic to those who say they are ill too. I understand the agony of being too ill to do what I wish I could do. I am real, I'm not just a cartoony figure on your screen.

So when a shop owner that I like says they are ill, and has a friend do the tasks necessary to close up shop and inform us all of the info along the way. It is a stressful thing for that person to undertake, first knowing your friend is so ill and then the stress of dealing with whatever loose ends there are in regards to the SL shop. Then I find out that it is possible things are not what they seem. I am saying "possible" because I do not know for fact but only what I am told and I am in no way calling the messenger a liar nono!! But, I do not feel like I am okay with taking it all as end all fact at the moment. We find out that apparently the shop owner created a new avatar and returned to SL all within what feels like maybe a week's time frame.

This is confusing to me.

I do not mind who's in SL. I understand the need to take breaks and to return when feeling better. I understand having alternate names to use. But what I cannot understand, is all of this, assuming it is true, and just feeling as if my emotions were toyed with. In a way, I feel very sad and heartbroken because I feel like I was in a sense, lied to. Not by the messenger of all of this, no no.. I in no way blame the messenger! I can only guess the messenger's heartbreak and sadness is worse than mine. To realize a game was possibly being played and using you as a pawn, that breaks my heart. I am so sorry you were put through that. You are very kind and did not deserve to be gamed like that. <3

I do not know what to think or what to say. I am angry, I am sad, I feel lied to, I feel very hurt. I feel just like back in EverQuest when someone said they had cancer. Then that person's brother came on to tell us the sad news, they died. We held a memorial service, we cried.. we all cried in RL, our hearts were shattered, healing was slow. He was our friend. A month later, he is back and we knew it was him. He "knew" us. Knew things that only the dead cancer patient should have known. He lied to us, to play a game with us, to see what we would do. Our hearts reshattered but not for the same reason as before, we were duped. We were played with. We were angry and hurt and sad and filled with distrust.

I am a real person. You are not just messing with a virtual pile of prims that looks like a kitty who stomped around in someone's garden. NO! I am a REAL person. I am typing this stuff right here, me. Me with a broken heart. I am typing the stuff in SL, when I talk about catboxes. Yes, that is me. In RL, I love the catbox informercials. They make me laugh. I am me, in RL and in SL. In fact, in SL I feel like I can be more.. me.. because I am not held back by as much crippling anxiety, crippling shyness, or physical pains that prevent being able to socialize. I do not trust easily, some may know why, others may just think it adds to my weirdness. It does, yes. I just do not trust people and to feel as if all this is true, I am.. for lack of a better word.. confused.

You hurt ME. You didn't just play a silly little game, a roleplay or a scene, this isn't just a single person game on your own local PC either. You hurt ME. I liked you. I thought you were so nice and fun and talented. You hurt me.

That same pain, distrust, and anger from EQ's event is the same feelings I feel now.

Am I warranted to feel this way? I don't know. Is it true that this new person is the old person? I don't know. Maybe it isn't true, maybe someone is scamming us and pretending to be who they really aren't. Maybe the real person is still too ill and has no idea what is going on.

No matter the case, someone is playing a game and I am upset by this. That someone is either you or someone pretending to be you. I do not believe it is the messenger playing a game. I want that to be very clear.

I don't like it at all :(

we are siamese if you please

23 May

Town Hall meeting

23 May

Town Hall meeting, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.