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Crap in my inventory!

22 May

I’m sorting stuff into TMaT some tonight and decided I’d do a search for “Object”

Hah! Treasures! My oldest prim named object was from January 2008. I remember that class too, I forget the teacher’s name but she taught us to make some puffy vest type jackets with hoods. This object was one of the puffy bits. I don’t remember where the class was held though. I’ll see if I can find the finished thing and get a photo of me in it.

Lots of random prims that were lost off world and ended up in my Lost & Found. A few random prims stuck together, unsure what projects. I found one that resembles a snowshovel, another that is either the start of a tree or a snowman.

For some reason I have quite a few 10×10 black cubes. I do not remember what project would need those.

Oh haha, found a seriously chunky bracelet from a February 2008 class I took. I remember that one too because the teacher went SUPER fast after having calmly explained this was meant for brand new builders, don’t worry, she’ll go real slow. Then she went soooo fast. I don’t say that cause I was lacking some skill, I mean seriously.. at the end I remember she said “Wow, we got through this fast!” Something like 17 minutes start to finish instead of an hour haha.

I didn’t take any more of her classes, I forget her name now. I just know if she was the teacher, I didn’t go!

Between sorting through some old hunt prizes, getting rid of all “objects” after checking them (and renaming the good stuff), putting something like 500 textures into TMat.. I think that’s a good night’s work!


Silly bunny

22 May

Silly bunny, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

Another bunny I saw at Ye Olde bunny auctions

booster seat please

22 May

booster seat please, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

I needs one

Poison Tigerfish’s skeery bunny

22 May

Fangs, wings, skeery! Out at Ye Olde Marketplace auction

I love this

22 May

I love this, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.