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Guess who I am right now!

21 May

I am Mrs. Bradley and Teddy is George Moody, my driver!

TBB shows us SubSculpts

21 May

TBB shows us SubSculpts, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

With flowers, golden angle script, and the plugins for us to play with later! Thanks TheBlack Box <3 I feel a bit lost, but between you and Eleanora, I’ll be set in no time!

Starting to understand a little though.

My brain feels like drool today with SubSculpts

21 May

First I attend Eleanora Newell’s class about SubSculpts, a new feature of 6.02/6.03 Sculpt Studio. I understand what it’s for now! She made a great text example when trying to explain what it was. She said something like… say you have a little hand bag and you want to add studs. So you’d (blah blah blah subsculpt stuff that I don’t know if I fully understand) and move the subsculpt prim where you want a stud and you let it do it’s thing, move it again and again, let it do it’s thing. Repeat until all slices are used up.

She also showed us how to make our own subsculpt, but I got a bit confused. I had mine made but then other students were having trouble so I wasn’t sure what part was actual class and what part was bonus help for them haha!

All I could think when she said it was how subsculpt is your bedazzler, bedazzle yer stuffs! Then I laughed a lot at my own computer. I also laugh aloud at greeting cards at the grocery store and I don’t care who hears me! It is embarrassing if I snort-laugh though, so nerdy.. so unladylike.

So I stayed as long as I could manage, I had to leave before it was over. My brain said no more!! I know Eleanore will teach it again, so I”ll go again! Each time I go, it’ll make more sense.

Now I’m at TheBlack Box’s demo on SubSculpts (He’s the dude who makes Sculpt Studio) and he’s got two giant flowers, each that used 256 slices and his subsculpt. He creates one subsculpt petal, then uses it to align all the various prims in place.

It’s slowly sinking in.

When I was trying to align the steam pipes on my husband’s rusty house (it hovers over my birdhouse at my land, btw) this sub sculpt would have been a brilliant help! I am still working on his house, I don’t feel like it’s reached it’s full potential. I might redo the pipes.

With this I will be able to make flowers with subsculpt! I can finally redo my wreath! It’s sculpted as of this month, but I’d like to do it different but I have difficulty aligning petals by hand when it involves many slices all over the place. TBB makes my life easier, thanks dude!! <3

Ohhh I can finally make some cute little bracelet gems too. I have some bracelet bases that I've been working on but they need a bit of fancy done on. The thought of placing little groups was a nightmare. I usually link prim sections together in order to move them, to be honest. No idea if that's okay to do, but otherwise I lose something in the moves! This will be brilliant to use for that too. No losses that way. Maybe even some fancy additions to future wind sailing boats. Hmmm..

Gotta think about this.

Torley taught me Shift-X

21 May

I watched this video in preparation for Eleanore’s class today on SubSculpts. Torley’s video is about the building grid, the one you can see when in edit mode. I knew about, and actively use, everything in the video except for shift-x. I did not know about that part though! I always have grid on, and use it every time I build in some way or another. I assumed everyone used the grid when building, but maybe not?

Torley’s Video

Thanks Torley! <3