My house and shop

20 May

My house and shop, originally uploaded by Lorimae Undercroft.

This photo makes me happy. It’s “Midday 3” setting for sky, I like that one a lot. It makes the sea/sky meld together nicely.

Added another new pack of textures, didn’t announce it on the Subscribe-o-Matic because I don’t want to send two in one day. I figure if subscribers come visit, they’ll see another one sitting there! It’ll be mentioned in the next one in a few days :) But, if you read here… now you know!

Recolored and slightly altered the 7seas area (it was pink), colored the dock a bit brighter, recolored the fishing building, removed the window glass. Freed up about 8 prims total in the process! More room for sailboats yay! :)

My little corner in the southwest area of Morning Shire really does make me smile when I look at it <3

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