19 May

Got the forum posts up, got the Subscribe-o-Matic placed. Just a little follow up this evening with a couple people and my whole day is now free for boat making!

I read my stuff today and it seemed pretty good still so I posted it. Just need to go get the LM to EduTech and add it in there too. Oh and I guess an LM to the school will be good too haha!

Yay me

I forgot to say this yesterday. I took another class at Builder’s Brewerly on linking doors. It’s great! If you’re struggling with door scripts, go take her class. I forget how to spell her name, but it’s something like Leslie I… I forget how to spell the last name. She’ll be there on their class info board though.

The doors can be linked to your project! It’s exciting, it means I can dump the door script in my cat carrier vehicle and put this in instead. The old script just rarely works. The doors keep opening funny. I don’t think that old one was meant for vehicles. This new one, hopefully will do the trick. The cat carrier has a door on each end. That way if you come at me from one end, I can escape out the back.

NO VET!!! Wheeeeeeeeee *runs around all free and stuff*

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