19 May

Worked on another boat today, did a little bit of some hunts, worked a little (but not much) on Raglan U stuff. I had to take the day off mostly from that, I’m hoping to finish tomorrow so that all that’s left is to wait for the teacher’s to finish reading the notecards and do the couple little tasks and let me know they’re ready! Yay!

But whew.. I had to take a break from it, it was getting to wearing me out trying to type and retype all the stuff I want to post up on the forums this week. Rules and stuff like that. All basic class rules, but it needs typed so there’s no doubt of what is expected of student or teacher.

I just worry I will come off all bossy or snarky or something, I don’t want to be sounding rude or anything. I’m also afraid I’ll forget something important. I know I can edit the post if I need to, but I want it to be perfect the first time! YEAH!

Teddy and I are working on sail boat #2, while we ponder some changes to prototype #1. The acorn boat needs a different sail and creatively, I am stuck. So I started #2 in a new style to see what I can do and I really like this second boat. It’s not an acorn, it’s top secret until I sculpt the pieces!

On the Becky’s BBK boat there’s a flattened, large cube prim that has no scripts. I cannot figure out what that does. I’ve got one on my acorn boat and my second boat too, tomorrow I’ll take a test sail out at Tradewinds to see if maybe that’s the water level line or if maybe it’s just a balancer prim. I can’t figure out what it is hehe.

Then I have the issue of sits. I want the boats to be useable by various tinies, which means the sit needs to be adjustable. I have NPose to try out later this week to see if that does what I need. I think I’m just going to have to break down and buy Perfect Sitter (regular link) (wish list link) though. Assuming it works in vehicles and sailboats. I put it on my wishlist over at xstreet haha, that wishlist bugs out a lot. Tried to edit my profile on it and got errors. Hmm. The wish list pages are all a bit jacked up too, look like formating isn’t enabled properly.

I can’t wait for the new marketplace, hopefully it doesn’t suck haha. I hope there’s wish lists because it will make it very fun to gift things to friends if they’ll maintain a good range of wishes. HINT HINT GUYS!! Might wanna wait though, it’s kind of buggy. I couldn’t put some things on it for some reason.

So that’s all for now. Tomorrow, I attempt to finish Raglan U setup!

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