Sometimes, just for fun I feel like…

18 May

I giggle to myself every time I think about doing this. Sometimes in event search I see where people are looking for models. I know that they mean human grown-up style avatars willing to wear their clothing/hair or whatever it is they need models for. I really want to go to these events as my tiny self, all done up in my ladybug decor and either tell them I want to model or tell them I’m just here as Teddy’s agent and he’s the one interested in the event it’s for male clothing.

I don’t know if they’d have a sense of humor of if they’d just straight up ban me haha

Yup, I find the whole idea of the plan to be super funny!

There was a class a while back that I saw on modeling, but the whole event listing was confusing and seemed very serious. Not only that I”m pretty sure it actually cost! Doesn’t modeling just involve standing on a pose stand and not being butt ugly for the photos? I need to educate my bear on this stuff!

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