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My bunny stats!

14 May

Nomalina is getting close to 100%! :)

Owner: Lorimae Undercroft
Female Age: 9
Gens Left: 15
Happy: 68%
Hunger: 1% L2
Thirst: 0% L2
Love: 88%
Energy: 10%
Fur: Havana – Broken Black
Eyes: Light Green
Ears: Half-a-Lop
Shade: Aphotic

Owner: Lorimae Undercroft
Male Age: 16
Gens Left: 15
Happy: 67%
Hunger: 0% L2
Thirst: 0% L2
Love: 100%
Energy: 6%
Fur: Dutch – Tortoiseshell
Eyes: Light Gray
Ears: Lop Ears
Shade: Dusky


Lorimae – Gmail has an SL ad

14 May

You might need to click to view all sizes over at Flickr if you can’t see what the image is saying exactly.

On my main e-mail that I use, after I moved some yahoo group blahblahblah emails to trash, I realized somewhere I had seen something SL themed for a split second.

(isn’t my email page cute? YES! hehehe)

There’s an ad at the top of my gmail! I’ve never noticed an Xstreet ad there before, how weird! I’ve seen them for other things related to emails I’ve read.. typically for yarn shops, books, and sometimes for pet supplies but never for SL.

I didn’t click it, so I dunno what it’s for. Hopefully it’s not something I need to cover Teddy’s eyes over! I figure it can’t be too bad if it’s sold on XStreet haha

I blocked my inbox count out haha, it’s embarrassingly high because I don’t read my yahoo groups very often. It’s amazing how many emails a few ladies who crochet and embroider can produce on a daily basis and STILL have time to get crafting done. Seriously just wow.

Texture Vendor questions, please help

14 May

Does this exist with the features I want?

I want to sell textures, unboxed, as singles. I don’t mind if the whole vendor has to be the same price for each texture. If I want to vary the price, I’ll just rez another vendor :)

I also want it so that in my transaction history it will tell me what texture sold, not just that the vendor named “blahblah” sold something. That’s the big one there.

It also must have a watermark to prevent super easy snapshot theft.

I’ve played with a tester vendor using this script, but when I pay it.. it just tells me the vendor object name sold something, but didn’t tell me what one exactly. How do I make that vendor relay the sold item name in transaction history?

Trying to find texture vendors is tough, I suspect many are using this same script I played with.

Busy busy with Raglan U!

14 May

Good news, I’m just about done with the details I’ve been working on! There has been not much with the building as of late, because I’ve been busy in notecards. However if you go look, you’ll see the new calendar is in place and I’ve set my teacher profile up on the opposite wall. Soon there will be more there!

Hopefully on Friday I’ll have a couple notices ready to send out. I think I’m ready now, but it’s very late and I’d rather send them when there’s more people on! But, I’ll give you a hint.

Hint One – I’ll be sending out a request for teachers to the tiny group! You’ll need to send me a notecard, so I can stay all organized and stuff. Sending an IM to say you’re interested isn’t gonna help me stay organized <3 Notecard please! After that, I'll have more info to share with you. Notecards for you to read, a few small tasks for you to do. Nothing major <3

Even if you've not taught before, it's okay! I'll help you through it and you'll do great if you focus and remember to breathe :) So don't be afraid.

Hint Two – I'll be sending out a request for fun school themed swag for in the school building and also for the small lake out back! So, if you're a custom 7seas type builder.. get your thinking caps on if you'd like to add a catchable to the lake! More details to follow soon. If you're interested, I have a notecard on that too that will be sent out in the notice.

I've got a bit more work to do, mostly the forums at the moment. I'll be typing up some things to add there in the next few days. Plus I need to be getting with Zayn about the subscribe-o-matic plan I have too. If he approves of my plan, that'll be set up this weekend I think! Possibly on Sunday since Saturday I think I'll be at a bbq, nomnom!

This is all very exciting and I finally feel like I'm starting to wrap things up to a more organized format rather than the crazy tangle of half written notecards that I had last week haha

More info soon <3